High School Sports Scoreboard for Thursday, 05/16/19

Boys Tennis

State Tourney in Sioux Falls & Brandon (day 1/3)

SF Lincoln will be looking for its 6th-straight title.

1st – SFL & SFO, 390

3rd – SFW, 321

9th – Ab Roncalli, 176

12th – Ab Central, 156


Aberdeen Highlights…

CENTRAL – Nic Allen was eliminated after going 0-2; Luke Reierson fell in the QF’s after going 2-1; Gabe Goetz is lost in the QF’s w/ at 2-1 showing; Tristen Lickfelt moved to the consolation QF’s after a 2-1 day; Zach Gonsor is also in the consolation QF’s after going 2-1; Alex Tennant lost in the QF’s and will battle for 5th; and all three doubles teams –Allen/Reierson, Goetz/Gonsor, and Tennant/Lincoln Wilkinson – went 2-1 on the day and dropped into the consolation QF’s.

RONCALLI – Joseph Goetz, Spencer Titus, and Gray Imbery each lost in the QF’s and are playing for 5th; Matt Fahrni is alive in the consolation QF’s after going 1-1; Gavin Heier was eliminated after going 0-2; Jackson Henrich is out after an 0-2 day; Goetz/Titus are in the QF’s after a bye & a win (7-6 [3], 6-4); Imbery/Fahrni slid down to the consolation QF’s w/ a 2-1 start; and Heier/Henrich were eliminated w/ an 0-2 day.



Mark Wendelgass Relays in Huron


1st – Watertown, 174

2nd – Ab Central, 131 (3 individual + 2 relay wins)

3rd – Brookings, 120

AC Top 3 Finishes…

Zoe Douglas (1st in 1600m, 3rd in 800m), Melanie Jacobs (1st in 800m), Trinity Miller (1st in 400m), Abby Kopecky (2nd in 300m hurdles), Hannah Struble (3rd in 300m hurdles), Brooke Malson (3rd in LJ), 400m relay (1st), 1600m relay (1st)


BOYS (no team score)

AC Top 3 Finishes… (3 individual + 3 relay wins)

Sam Rohlfs (1st in LJ, 1st in TJ), Aaron Ryan (1st in 1600m, 3rd in 800m), Nick Olson (2nd in discus, 3rd in SP), Avery Bad Moccasin (2nd in 300m hurdles, 2nd in 110m hurdles), Chanden Nieman (2nd in LJ), Josh Mehlhoff (2nd in 3200m), Chris Weber (3rd in 200m), Luke Jacobs (3rd in 1600m), Jaden Bohms-Buechler (3rd in 110m hurdles), 400m relay (1st), 1600m relay (1st), 3200m relay (1st)


Region 1A Meet


1st – Milbank, 197.5

2nd – Ab Roncalli, 195.5

3rd – Webster, 121

4th – Red/Dol

5th – Groton

6th – Sisseton

7th – TZ

Event Winners…

Ab Roncalli – Madelyn Martin (100m), Morgan Fiedler (200m), Paige Schmidt (3200m), Ella Hanson (PV), Kelsey Peterson (discus), 400m relay

Mil – Taylor Thue (100m hurdles, 300m hurdles), Emily Vanhoorn (400m), Amaya Street (800m), Maurina Street (1600m), 800m relay, 1600m relay, 3200m relay, Sprint Medley relay

Webster – Maddie Premus (HJ), Emily Breske (TJ)

Groton – Jennie Doeden (SP)

Red/Dol – Camryn Rohlfs (LJ)



1st – Milbank, 165

2nd – Groton, 127

3rd – Red/Dol, 125

4th – Ab Roncalli, 106

5th – Sisseton

6th – Webster

7th – TZ

Event Winners…

Ab Roncalli – Chris Swallow (HJ), Jaden Karst (discus)

Milbank – Riley Gauer (100m, 200m), Bennett Schwenn (LJ, TJ), Ryker Trevett (SP), Ben Harstad (PV), Nick Batchelor (1600m), 400m relay, 3200m relay

Groton – Jonathan Doeden (110m hurdles, 300m hurdles), Isaac Smith (3200m)

Red/Dol – Joe Woodring (800m), 1600m relay

Sisseton – Norvin Moreno (400m), 800m relay, Sprint Medley relay


Region 2A Meet


1st – Hamlin, 165

2nd – Madison, 145

3rd – Flandreau, 117

4th – SV

5th – Deuel

6th – Flo/Henry

Regional Event Winners…

Hamlin – Chloe Grantham (100m hurdles, 300m hurdles), Cami Stevenson (400m), Zoie Fraser (800m), McKenna Prouty (HJ), Kami Wadsworth (SP), Gracelyn Leiseth (discus)

Deuel – Kenzie Hamann (PV)

Flo/Henry – 3200m relay



1st – Madison, 173

2nd – Hamlin, 151

3rd – SV, 117

4th – Deuel

5th – Flandreau

6th – Flo/Henry

Regional Event Winners…

Hamlin – Cade Poppen (110m hurdles), Kirby Antonen (400m), Mitchell Noem (SP), Cole Roe (discus)

Deuel – Scott Lovre (HJ)


Region 6A Meet in Crow Creek


1st – Chamberlain, 237

2nd – Miller, 147

3rd – Mo-Po, 113

Regional Event Winners…

Mill – Kadye Fernholz (100m hurdles, HJ), VonnaGail Schlechter (TJ)

M-P – Hayley Borah (400m), 1600m relay


1st – Mo-Po, 161

2nd – Chamberlain, 159

3rd – Stanley Co, 141

4th – Miller

Regional Event Winners…

Mil – Caden Gortmaker (HJ), Karst Hunter (LJ)

M-P – Noah Feyereisen (discus), Braden Goehring (TJ), 1600m relay


Region 1B Meet in Clark


1st – GPL, 137

2nd – NW, 89.5

3rd – Tri-State, 86.5

4th – Dak Hills

5th – Warner

6th – C/WL

7th – Ab Christian

8th – Brit-Hecla

9th – Waverly-SS
10th – Langford

11th – Frederick

Regional Event Winners…

Ab Christian – Lydia Kline (100m, 400m)

Warner – Sydney Leidholt (100m hurdles), Danille Seymour (HJ), Laura Ochsner (PV)

Tri-St – Vanessa Klein (200m), Ayden Ochs (LJ), Sprint Medley relay

NW – Jessica Boekelheide (1600m), 800m relay, 3200m relay

Frederick – Brooklyn Podoll (800m)

Dak Hills – Madison Zirbel (3200m)

B-H – Autumn Hildebrandt (SP)

W-SS – Emily Kranz (discus)



1st – Warner, 108

2nd – NW, 92

3rd – Dak Hills, 87

4th – C/WL

5th – Tri-State

6th – GPL

7th – Langford

8th – Ab Christian

9th – Brit-Hecla

10th – Frederick

11th – Waverly-SS

Regional Event Winners…

Ab Christian – Sprint Medley relay

Warner – Jackson McNeil (SP, discus), Cody Larson (1600m), Landon Leidholt (110m hurdles), Ben Fischbach (PV), 1600m relay

NW – Justin Haven (3200m, HJ), Zech Clemens (400m, LJ)

Dak Hills – Matt Amdahl (200m), Reece Renelt (300m hurdles), 800m relay

Frederick – Isaac Sumption (100m)

Tri-St – Hayden Lick (800m)

Langford – Kade Larson (TJ)


Region 2B Meet in Gettysburg


1st – Ipswich, 230

2nd – Sully Buttes, 132

3rd – Potter Co, 112

4th – Faulkton

T-5th – SBA & Eur/Bow
7th – High-Harr

8th – Herreid/SA

9th – Leola

10th – Ed Central

Event Winners…

Ips – Lily Gaston (LJ, TJ), Ashley Ptacek (800m), Paige Mehlberg (HJ), Taylor Maurer (PV), Aleah Steger (1600m), Baylee Kulesa (3200m), 400m relay, 800m relay, 1600m relay, 3200m relay, Sprint Medley relay

SB – Courtnie Weinheimer (100m), Stevie Wittler (100m hurdles), Lauren Wittler (SP), Angela Guthmiller (discus)

F – Abby Vetch (300m hurdles)

E/B – Grace Walz (200m)

SBA – Shariah Brockel (400m)



1st – Ipswich, 177

2nd – Sully Buttes, 104

3rd – Herreid/SA, 83

4th – Faulkton

5th – SBA
6th – Ed Central

7th – Potter Co

8th – Leola

9th – High-Harr

10th – Eur/Bow

Event Winners…

Ips – Maxwell Geditz (800m, HJ), Josh McQuarie (110m hurdles, 300m hurdles), Carson Simes (100m), 400m relay

H/SA – Wade Begeman (TJ), Hayden Von Wald (LJ), Todd Obele Jr (discus)

F – Hunter Niederbaumer (1600m, 3200m)

Eur/Bow – Cheyloh Brockel (PV), Sprint Medley relay

SB – Jett Lamb (SP), 800m relay

SBA – 1600m relay, 3200m relay

Leola – Josh Hoffman (200m)

PC – Ethan Pitlick (400m)


Region 3B Meet in De Smet


1st – Deubrook, 174

2nd – Estelline, 151

3rd – Wols-Wess, 92

T-9th – Hitch-Tulare

Regional Event Winners…

W-W – Kailynn Dorris (100m)



1st – DeSmet, 126

2nd – JVC, 118

3rd – Deubrook, 100.5

5th – Hitch-Tulare

8th – Wols-Wess

Regional Event Winners…

H-T – Ty Hofer (300m hurdles)



Brookings Invite

1st – SFO, 315

T-2nd – Ab Central & SFR, 335

Individual Highlights…

1st – Reese Jansa, H’burg (73)

2nd – Cassidy Gough, AC (74)

T-16th – Brooklyn Hofer, AC (86)

20th – Danielle Podoll, AC (87)

T-21st – Camryn Wipf, AC (88)


Sisseton Invite

1st – Madison, 389

2nd – Sisseton, 398

3rd – Ab Central JV, 492

4th – Milbank

5th – Red/Dol

Individual Highlights…

1st – Kelsey Heath, Sis (87)

2nd – Courtney Heath, Sis (88)

5th – Payton Colestock, Gro (95)

7th – Emily Kokales, AbRon (100)