Amateur Baseball Postseason Highlights from Wednesday, 7/27/22

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District 2B Playoffs in Groton (day three)

Northville 15-9



District 1B Playoffs in Lake Norden


Clark Traders

Castlewood Monarchs 6-3

The Monarchs nabbed the final State Tourney spot out of the D1B bracket, eliminating Clark, 6-3. The Traders out-hit the Monarchs, 9-6, but Castlewood was able to make their hits count a little more, and they drew more walks. Tyler Brika K’d six in 7IP, but he allowed all 6R in the loss. Kegan Tvedt went 6inn for the win. Brika helped his own cause w/ 2RBI, while Parker Schimdt drove in two for the ‘narchs.