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Disney World Trip Giveaway

- Qualifiers will be picked every Monday

Disneyworld is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and Hub City Radio wants to send you there to celebrate! We’re giving away a free vacation to Disneyworld that will include round-trip airfare for four to Orlando, four nights at a hotel right outside Disneyworld, and four three-day Park Hopper passes. Register NOW at participating sponsors, and each Monday, we’ll draw a qualifier from each location to go into the final drawing this July! Boxes will be emptied after each drawing, so register weekly! Find out where YOU can register today at HubCityRadio.com!

Sponsors include:

  •  Head Over Heels
  • Cost Cutters
  • Finishing Touch Design Studio
  • Northeastern Dental Center
  • Karisma Boutique
  • Ken’s SuperFair Foods
  • Culvers
  • Mainstream Boutique
  • Rain Forest Casino
  • Qdoba

Giveaway Rules:

  1. All decisions of Hub City Radio are final.
  2. Must be 18 years old or older to sign up.
  3. Only one trip for 4 will be given away.
  4. Hub City Radio employees, family members of the employee or extended relative or relationship of the employee are not eligible to qualify or win any prizes with this promotion. Employees of sponsoring business are not eligible to qualify at their place of employment.
  5. Only one final qualification per person through the life of the contest.
  6. Any incidentals/fees/taxes occurred are the responsibility of the winner.
  7. Contest’s qualifications to participate in the promotion are unique opportunities at each event; time dates and place of the contests are at the discretion of Hub City Radio. The number of qualifiers at each event is at the discretion of Hub City Radio.
  8. Number of qualifiers is at the sole discretion of the radio station.
  9. Rules are subject to change without notice.

First round of Qualifier’s from May 16th, 2022

  •  Northeastern Dental Center: Camilla Kaul
  • Head over Heels: Wanda Gelling
  • Mainstream Boutique: Carla Smith
  • Ken’s SuperFair Foods: Tricia Mortensen
  • Qdoba: Micky Brick
  • Finishing Touch Design Studio: Tricia Smid
  • Cost Cutters: Doug Vilhauer
  • Culvers: Topanga Large
  • Rain Forest Casino: Melissa Lahomer
  • Karisma Boutique: Jon Johnson

Second round of Qualifier’s from May 23, 2022

  •  Northeastern Dental Center: Bryon Cunningham
  • Head over Heels: Jim Johnson
  • Mainstream Boutique: Cindy Herr
  • Ken’s SuperFair Foods: Amanda Kunkle
  • Qdoba: Chris Anderson
  • Finishing Touch Design Studio: Rocky Currington
  • Cost Cutters: Carmen Trottier
  • Culvers: Jeff Malsam
  • Rain Forest Casino: Scott Ritter
  • Karisma Boutique: Robert Coyle III

Third round of Qualifier’s from May 31, 2022

  •  Northeastern Dental Center: Diane Hansen
  • Head over Heels: Judy Dosch
  • Mainstream Boutique: Vicky Sieben
  • Ken’s SuperFair Foods: Brad Reecy
  • Qdoba: Kiersten Clark
  • Finishing Touch Design Studio: Sheldon Finley
  • Cost Cutters: Jeremey Sampson
  • Culvers: Ian Prouse
  • Rain Forest Casino: Jolene Zahn Gilles
  • Karisma Boutique: Jennifer Aman

Fourth Round of Qualifier’s from June 6, 2022

  • Northeastern Dental Center: Cindy Meyers
  • Head over Heels: Kathy Boschee
  • Mainstream Boutique: Mary Gjernes
  • Ken’s SuperFair Foods: Jolene Siders
  • Qdoba: Michelle Metzinger
  • Finishing Touch Design Studio: Robert Sanderson
  • Cost Cutters: Donna Rausch
  • Culvers: Ashley Bruzek
  • Rain Forest Casino: Ashley Arnott
  • Karisma Boutique: Tinley Nilson

Fifth Round of Qualifier’s from June 13, 2022

  • Northeastern Dental Center: Kalli Jo Youngblom
  • Head over Heels: Heidi Sylte
  • Mainstream Boutique: Cindy Hahler
  • Ken’s SuperFair Foods: Ginger Walberg
  • Qdoba: Bethany Latterell
  • Finishing Touch Design Studio: Cambry Dinger
  • Cost Cutters: Audra Griebel
  • Culvers: Delores Morsching
  • Rain Forest Casino: Mel Fallis
  • Karisma Boutique: Braxton Farmen

Sixth Round of Qualifier’s from June 20, 2022

  • Northeastern Dental Center: Ray Peterson
  • Head over Heels: Katie Kirschenmann
  • Mainstream Boutique: Amber Samdue
  • Ken’s SuperFair Foods: Linda Buzalsky
  • Qdoba: Rebecca Graves
  • Finishing Touch Design Studio: Nellie Hatfield
  • Cost Cutters: Ellen Schlosser
  • Culvers: Paulette Preszler
  • Rain Forest Casino: Jenn Jurgens
  • Karisma Boutique: Ashley Brockhouse

Seventh Round of Qualifier’s from June 27, 2022

  • Northeastern Dental Center: Laura Arth
  • Head over Heels: Tina Aberle
  • Mainstream Boutique: Breanne Christensen
  • Ken’s SuperFair Foods: Pat Schroeder
  • Qdoba: Mary Kaven
  • Finishing Touch Design Studio: Sue Petersen
  • Cost Cutters: Debbie Berglund
  • Culvers: Christyl Forsyth
  • Rain Forest Casino:
  • Karisma Boutique: Sara Boon

Eighth Round of Qualifier’s from July 5, 2022

  • Northeastern Dental Center: Kyle Aumet
  • Head over Heels: Derene Milla
  • Mainstream Boutique: Jenny Miles
  • Ken’s SuperFair Foods: Drew Dennert
  • Qdoba: Tom Thurman
  • Finishing Touch Design Studio: Tyrone Powell
  • Cost Cutters: Breanna Locke
  • Culvers: Hope Joachim
  • Rain Forest Casino: Bobbi Bateman
  • Karisma Boutique: Amanda Sperry

Ninth Round of Qualifier’s from July 11, 2022

  • Northeastern Dental Center: Lin Sanderson
  • Head over Heels: Mysty Schaunaman
  • Mainstream Boutique: Jamie Forrest
  • Ken’s SuperFair Foods: Tammy Gardner
  • Qdoba: Jess Dillarou
  • Finishing Touch Design Studio: DeeAnn Job
  • Cost Cutters: Leon Herrick
  • Culvers: Becky Stanek
  • Rain Forest Casino: Vickie Salo
  • Karisma Boutique: Sarah Keen

Tenth Round of Qualifier’s from July 18, 2022

  • Northeastern Dental Center: Jeri Smith
  • Head over Heels: Cameron Mikkelson
  • Mainstream Boutique: Allison Daniel
  • Ken’s SuperFair Foods: Tara Holler
  • Qdoba: Mike Denault
  • Finishing Touch Design Studio: Cher Schwindt-Stern
  • Cost Cutters: Mandy Burnett
  • Culvers: Dana Stillman
  • Rain Forest Casino: Laurie Osness
  • Karisma Boutique: Ryan Casey

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