Saints’ Baseball Squad Struggles in Four Games Against Statesmen




William Penn University 19-1

  • PC was held hitless in their series opener in Iowa, but they still picked up a run in a lopsided loss, 19-1. William Penn scored 8x in the B1, 6x in the 2nd, and tacked on another 4R in the 3rd.
  • PC – Dillon Harshman 0.1IP, L, 4R, 3H, 1BB; Samuel Garner 0IP, 4R, 1H, 4BB; Tyus Stanley 0/2, 1R, 1BB; Trent White 0/1, 2BB
  • WP – Nick George 5IP, W, 6K, 1BB; Camdon Anderson 2IP, 4K, 3BB; Abraham Arroyo 1/4, HR, 1R, 4RBI, 1BB; Leland Riley II 3/5, 1R, 2RBI, 2-2B; Franklin Aparicio 1/3, 1R, 3RBI, 3B; Blair Speas 2/2, 3R, 4RBI, 2B



William Penn University 6-0

  • The Saints out-hit the Statesmen in game two, 6-4, but PC left a lot more guys on base (10-3) in getting shut-out 6-0.
  • PC – Ryan Powers 1IP, L, 1R, 1H, 2BB; Wolf’Don Thorson 1/4, 3B; Cobi Woodfin 1/3; Blake Portalski 1/1, 1BB
  • WP – S_ Denning 6IP, W, 5H, 3K, 2BB, 1HB; Franklin Aparicio 1/2, 1R, 2RBI, 2SB; Blair Speas 1/2, 1R, 1RBI, 1BB




William Penn University 21-9

  • The Saints finally broke through for some runs against WPU in their 1st game Sunday, but it came in a 21-9 loss. PC scored all 9R in the T7 after trailing 21-0. The team was out-hit 17-4.
  • PC – Ryan Powers 2.1IP, L, 9R (6ER), 7H, 6BB; Dominic Sarmiento 1/2, 1R, 2RBI; Evyn Booth 1/2, 1R, 2RBI, 2BB; Kolby Wagatsuma 2/4, 1RBI; Dawson Barson 0/1, 2R, 2BB
  • WPU – Brian Thomas 4IP, W, 1H, 8K, 3BB; Nathan Jessell 3/4, 2B, 5R, 3RBI, 1BB; Craig Johnson 4/4, 2R, 3RBI, 1BB, 3SB; Leland Riley II 1/2, 1HR, 1R, 5RBI, 2BB; Cody DePardo 1/3, 1HR, 3R, 2RBI, 2BB; Blair Spears 1/3, 3R, 1RBI, 1BB



William Penn University 19-3

  • PC was out-hit 20-4 as WPU finished the weekend sweep, 19-3
  • PC – Wolf’Don Thorson 0.1IP, L, 4R, 3H; Trent White 1/3, 2RBI, 2B; Matthew Womack 1/3, 1R, 1RBI, 2B
  • WPU – Ty Harter 4IP, W, 3R, 4H, 3K, 4BB; Nick George 5/5, 4R, 3RBI, 2-2B, 1SB; Abraham Arroyo 2/3, 3R, 4RBI, 1HR, 3B, 1BB; Trevor Dooley 4/4, 2R, 2RBI; Leland Riley II 2/4, 1R, 2RBI, 1HR