Saints End Regular Season (NSAA Tournament Next)

Dickinson, ND ( – Like all season the Saints played their final series on the road. This time they went to Dickinson, N.D. and home of the Blue Hawks for their Senior Day Game on Saturday. In game one the Saints lost 2-19 before honoring their seniors between games. In game two of the day the Saints fell by a score of 6-20. The Saints are now 0-42 overall and 0-26 in the NSAA.

Game #1

The Saints limited the Blue Hawks to a single hit in the first inning. Evyn Booth (JR/Phoenix, AZ) walk was the only offense for the Saints in the home half of the inning. In the second inning Dickinson score a single run. Colton Schusted (SR/Braham, MN) single was the only Saints offense. The Blue Hawks added two more runs in the third inning. The Saints went down in order in the third inning. The host Blue Hawks held a three run lead after three innings.

In the fourth the Blue Hawks kept up their scoring with two more runs. For the second straight inning the Saints went down in order. In the fifth the Blue Hawks got a run off of a single homer. In the bottom half Colton Schusted was hit by a pitch. After an out Louie Martinez (JR/Pueblo, CO) then walked to advance Schusted to second. Gavin Lim (FR/Guam) sacrificed Schusted and Martinez up a base. Dawson Barson (JR/Logan, UT) then singled to score Schusted and Martinez. Dawson Barson stole second but was thrown out trying to steal third base to end the inning. In the sixth inning the Blue Hawks had a single hit and the Saints went down in order. After six innings of play the score was Blue Hawks 6 Saints 2.

In the seventh Dickinson added three more runs. The Saints in the home half only got two singles off the bats of Ethan Leech (SR/Casper, WY) and Louie Martinez. The Blue Hawks exploded for ten runs in the eighth inning. The Saints went down in order to end the game in eight innings. Saints 2 Blue Hawks 19.

By the Numbers…


Ryan Powers (JR/Rock Springs, WY) – Loss, 3.0 innings pitched, 1K

Samuel Garner (JR/Arvada, CO) – 4.0 innings pitched, 3Ks

Dillon Harshman (JR/Fort Morgan, CO) – 1.0 innings pitched


Dawson Barson – 1 hit, 2 RBI

Louie Martinez – 1 hit, 1 run

Colton Schusted – 1 hit, 1 run

Ethan Leech – 1hit

Game #2

Dickinson got off two a quick start in game two after helping honor the Saints Seniors between games by scoring two runs. After two quick outs in the home half of the first inning the Saints offense erupted. Ethan Leech singled. Kolby Wagatsuma (FR/Pearl City, HI) reached first base on an error and Leech advanced to third off of the error. Wagatsuma advanced to second base before a Louie Martinez walk to load the bases. Trent White (FR/Middleburg, FL) hit a grand slam to score four Saints runs in the bottom of the first inning with two outs. The Blue Hawks scored six runs in both the second and third innings. The Saints went down in order in both of those innings. The score after three innings of play was Blue Hawks 14 Saints 4.

In the fourth inning both teams were held off of the scoreboard and the Blue Hawks got the only hit in the inning. Dickinson scored two runs again in the fifth inning. To start of the Saints half Dominic Sarmiento (SO/Victorville, CA) had a single homerun. Dawson Barson followed the homerun with a single. Evyn Booth grounded out to advance Barson to second. Ethan Leech reached base on an error with Barson advancing to third on the error. Leech then advanced to second. Barson scored the second Saints run in the inning on a passed ball with Leech advancing to third base. The Saints finished the inning with two runs and one baserunner left on. In the sixth inning the host added another three runs. The Saints went down in order in the bottom of the sixth inning.

Dickinson added a single run in the seventh inning. Presentation went down in order in the home half. The final score of game two was Saints 6 Blue Hawks 20.

By the Numbers…


Peyton Rees (SR/Riverton, WY) – Loss, 2.0 innings pitched, 3Ks

Alex Tallman (JR/Cayuga, IN) – 1.0 innings pitched

Phillip Jourdan (JR/Papillion, NE) – 4.0 innings pitched, 3Ks


Ethan Leech – 2 hits, 1 run

Trent White – 1 hit, 4 RBI, 1 run, homerun

Dominic Sarmiento – 1 hit, 1 RBI, 1 run, homerun

Dawson Barson – 1 hit, 1 run

Kolby Wagatsuma – 1 run

Louie Martinez – 1 run


Dickinson, ND ( – The Presentation College Saints were the home team in a visitor’s stadium for the last time this season taking on the Blue Hawks of Dickinson State University in Dickinson, N.D. In the first game of the doubleheader the Saints lost by a score of 2-14. In the final regular season game for the Saints the score was 1-6 for a Saints loss. The Saints are now 0-44 overall and 0-28 in the NSAA.

Game #1

Dickinson started the game getting two runs in the first inning. Dawson Barson (JR/Logan, UT) started of the home half with a single. After an out Ethan Leech (SR/Casper, WY) singled to move Barson to second. The two singles were all the Saints could get in the first inning. The Blue Hawks scored six more runs in the second inning. After an out to begin the inning Matthew Womack (SR/Houston, TX) doubled. Womack made it to third base on a wild pitch after another Saints out. Womack was left on third at the end of the inning. Dickinson in the third inning scored three more runs. Presentation went down in order in the third inning. The score after three innings of play Blue Hawks 11 Saints 0.

In the fourth inning the Saints held the Blue Hawks off of the scoreboard. Wolf’Don Thorson (SR/Bottineau, ND) was hit by pitch to lead off the fourth inning. After been hit by a pitch Thorson was out on a double play. The Saints were three up three down in the fourth inning after the double play. Dickinson was limited to a single hit in the fifth innings. Matthew Womack doubled to start the fifth inning. After an out Dominic Sarmiento (SO/Victorville, CA) singled to score Womack. Dawson Barson singled to advance Sarmineto to second. Evyn Booth (JR/Phoenix, AZ) reached on a fielder’s choice for the second out. The Saints left two baserunners on in the fifth but scored a run. After giving a hit by pitch the Saints turned a double play and sat the Blue Hawks down in order in the sixth inning. After an out Kolby Wagatsuma (FR/Pearl City, HI) was hit by a pitch. That was the only offense for the Saints in the sixth inning.

In the seventh inning the Blue Hawks scored three more runs. After an out Dominic Sarmiento reached on an error. Dawson Barson then walked to advance Sarmiento to second. Evyn Booth reached on a fielder’s choice for the second out of the inning with Sarmiento scoring on the play. The Saints grounded out to finish game one. The final score was Dickinson State 14 Presentation 2.

By the Numbers…


Wolf’Don Thorson – Loss, 2.2 innings pitched

Gavin Lim (FR/Guam) – 3.1 innings pitched, 2 Ks

Oliver Lewis (FR/Warren, MI) – 1 inning pitched, 2Ks


Dawson Barson – 2 hits

Matthew Womack – 2 hits, 1 run, 2 doubles

Dominic Sarmiento – 1 hit, 1 RBI, 1 run

Evyn Booth – 1 hit, 1 RBI

Ethan Leech – 1 hit

Game #2

Dickinson State in the first inning earned a single hit. Dawson Barson started the inning off for the Saints with a single. Barson advanced to second base on a wild pitch. Evyn Booth then lined out to the pitcher to advance Barson to third base. Ethan Leech walked to put runners on the corners. The Saints left both baserunners on the corners at the end of the inning. The Blue Hawks were limited to a single walk in the second inning. Phillip Jourdan (JR/Papillion, NE) earned a walk to start of the second inning for the Saints. Dominic Sarmiento reached on a fielder’s choice. The next two Saints got out leaving a baserunner on first base. In the third inning Dickinson State went three up three down. After two outs for the Saints Ethan Leech singled. This was the only hit for the Saints in the third inning. After three innings the score tied at zero.

The Blue Hawks got on the scoreboard with three runs in the fourth inning. After an out Phillip Jourdan drew another walk in the game. The Saints left Jourdan on first base at the end of the inning. In the fifth inning the Blue Hawks added two runs. Between two Saints out Dawson Barson had a single for the only hit in the inning. Dickinson State in the sixth inning went down in order. After an out to begin the inning Kolby Wagatsuma hit a single. That single was the Saints only offense in the inning.

The Blue Hawks added a single run in the seventh inning. After two outs in the seventh inning Dawson Barson drew a walk. Evyn Booth drew a walk to keep the inning alive and advance Barson to second base. Both runners moved up a base on a passed ball. Ethan Leech walked to load up the bases with Saints. Matthew Womack reached on an error scoring Barson and keeping the bases loaded. The Saints left the bases loaded for the final out in the final regular season game. The final score in game two was Saints 1 Blue Hawks 6.

By the Numbers…


Blake Smith (JR/Minot. ND) – 2.0 innings pitched, 3Ks

Michael Wishowski (SO/Fairplay, CO) – Loss, 2.0 innings pitched, 2Ks

Tyler Clapp (SR/Glendive, MT) – 2.0 innings pitched, 1K

Trevor Ball (JR/Erie, CO) – 1.0 innings pitched


Dawson Barson – 2 hits, 1 run

Ethan Leech – 1 hit

Kolby Wagatsuma – 1 hit

Matthew Womack – 1 RBI

Next Up…

With the regular season concluded on this road trip the Saints look towards returning to Dickinson, N.D. and the NSAA tournament starting Friday.