SD High School Coaches Association Announces Fall Coaches of the Year


The South Dakota High School Coaches Association has announced the Coach of the Year Awards for the Fall of 2022. (Other nominees are listed after each winner):

  • Cheer – Cami Bacon of St. Mary’s High School (Val Ewing-Winner Area, Eve Langerock-Harrisburg, Diedra Nissen-Sioux Falls Jefferson, Quiana Pardee, Sioux Falls Roosevelt)
  • Dance – Lynsey Andal of Beresford High School (Carey Baczwaski-Dakota Valley, Ashley Hoffman-Brandon Valley, Misty Mousseaux-Begay-Lakota Tech, Amanda Stoeser-Pierre)
  • Girls’ Soccer – Mark Anderson of Tea Area High School (Merle Aske-Aberdeen Central, Cori Bonte-Sioux Falls Roosevelt, Eric Christensen-Harrisburg, Kelli Herman-Sioux Falls Lincoln)
  • Boys’ Soccer – Jeff Fierro of Rapid City Stevens High School (Ryan Beier-O’Gorman, Alex Nelson-Sioux Falls Lincoln, Ephron Poyer-Sioux Falls Christian, Nate Sales-St. Thomas More)
  • Girls’ Cross Country – Jesse Coy of Rapid City Stevens High Schools (Holly Evans-Chamberlain, Jessica Larson-Potter County, Luke VanderLeest-Sioux Falls Christian, Jeani Vincent-Arlington)
  • Boys’ Cross Country – Jesse Coy of Rapid City Stevens High Schools (Jeremy Elsom-Belle Fourche, Ralph Kroetch-Philip, Tom McGough-Miller, Joey Noyes-Hill City)
  • Football – Lex Heathershaw of Wall High School (Vince Benedetto-Sioux Falls Jefferson, Jordan Huska-Dell Rapids, Tom Salmen-Hitchcock-Tulare/Doland, Steve Steele-Pierre, Jacob Terry-Elk Point-Jefferson)
  • Volleyball – Kari Jung of Warner High School (Ronette Costain-Harrisburg, Beth Donnelly-Sioux Falls Jefferson, Melissa Erickson-Elkton-Lake Benton, Erin Kuper-Elk Point-Jefferson, Jean O’Hara-Chester Area)

These coaches will be recognized at the annual awards banquet on Sunday, June 16, to be held in North Sioux City in conjunction with the South Dakota High School Coaches’ Association Clinic.