#SDpreps Monday Scoreboard (5/15/2023)




SDHSAA Class A State Tournament @ McKennan Park w/ Aberdeen Roncalli & Milbank (Day 1 of 2)


1st) RC Christian (360)

2nd) Lennox (337.5)

3rd) SF Christian (316)

4th) Huron (254)

5th) Madison (178.5)

6th) Aberdeen Roncalli (130)

7th) St. Thomas More (112.5)

8th) Milbank (109.5)


After Day 1 at McKennan Park the Aberdeen Roncalli Cavaliers are sitting in sixth place in the SDHSAA Class A State Tennis Tournament out of a potential 11 teams. In flight three singles, Roncalli’s Gannon May advanced to the championship semi-finals (to be played on Tuesday) after defeated Huron’s Lauy Kue Say, 6-3 & 6-4. In flight five singles, 10-seed Sawyer Henrich defeated Madison’s Chase Steuerwald, 6-3, 7-6 (3) but lost in the championship quarterfinals. In flight six singles, Jacob Bellefeuille dropped the opening round match but defeated Vermillions’s Mason Freeling 10-4 to take on Lennox’s Noah Welch on Tuesday for 5th place.


In flight 2 doubles, the Roncalli squad of Hellwig & Henrich defeated a Vermillion squad 7-5 & 6-4 to advance to the championship quarterfinals, where they’d fall, 6-0 & 6-2. They’ll look to finish in 5th place on Tuesday. Also in flight 3 doubles, the Cavaliers sent out Reecy & Bellefeuille and they defeated the Milbank squad of Muellenbach & Hallquist, 6-3, 3-6 (11-9) and falling to Huron in the quarterfinals. The Cavs will look for a fifth place finish against Madison.



Hamlin Invite w/ Aberdeen Roncalli, Hamlin & Florence/H, Hitchcock-Tulare, Clark/WL


1st) Faulkton Area (133.5)

2nd) Potter County (110)

3rd) Howard (106)

4th) Clark/WL (84)

5th) Hamlin (67.5)

T-6th) Florence/H + Iroquois/LP (64)

8th) Hitchcock-Tulare (14)

9th) Aberdeen Roncalli (5)



  • 100M: Megan Seurer (Potter County) in 3rd.
  • 200M: Musonda Kabwe of Clark/WL in 2nd Megan Seurer (PC) in 3rd.
  • 400M: Adison Moore of Iroquois/LP in 1st, Rayel Persoon (PC) in 2nd.
  • 800M: Emma Schlachter of Potter County in 1st. Jadyn Ahlemeier (PC) in 2nd.
  • 1600M: Hadley Gjerde of Clark/WL in 1st, Paige Ahlemeier of PC in 2nd.
  • 3200M: Paige Ahlemeier of Potter County in 1
  • 100m hurdles: Sara Thonvold of Clark/WL in 1st; Carley Cotton (Faulkton) in 2nd.
  • 300m hurdles: Dannike Kaup (PC) in 1st + Presleigh Martinmaas (Faulkton) in 2nd.
  • 4×100 relay: 1st) Clark/WL.
  • 4×200 relay: 1st) Howard.
  • 4×400 relay: 1st) Potter County.
  • 4×800 relay: 1st) Faulkton Area
  • SMR 1600: 1st) Florence/H.
  • Shot Put: 1st) Hadlee Holt (Iro/LP). 2nd) Savanna Hayes (Faulkton).
  • Discus: 1st) Gracelyn Leiseth (Hamlin). 2nd) Savanna Hayes (Faulkton).
  • High jump: 1st) Addison Melius (Faulkton). 2nd) Faith Steffensen (Iro/LP). 3rd) Shayne Fritz (Hamlin)
  • Long jump: 1st) Melanie Calmus (Howard). 2nd) Addison Melius (Faulkton). 3rd) Grace Lewis (Howard)
  • Triple jump: 1st) Kelli Stoecker (Faulkton). 2nd) Shayne Fritz (Hamlin). 3rd) Greeley LaBrie (Hitchcock-Tulare)



1st) Hamlin (95)

2nd) Faulkton Area (94)

3rd) Clark/WL (84)

4th) Hitchcock-Tulare (83)

5th) Potter County (66)

6th) Howards (57)

T-7th) Florence/H & Aberdeen Roncalli (51)

9th) Iroquois/LP (44)

10th) Ipswich (15)



  • 100M: 1st) Sean Seurer (Potter County). 2nd) TJ Salmen (Hitchcock-Tulare).
  • 200M: 1st) Daniel Stoll (Faulkton). 2nd) Zac VanMeeteren (Hamlin).
  • 400M: 1st) Turner Thorson (Ipswich). 2nd) TJ Salmen (Hitchcock-Tulare). 3rd) Roman DiMaria (Faulk)
  • 800M: 1st) Carter Luikens (Potter C). 2nd) Freddy Vizcaya (Hamlin).
  • 1600M: 1st) Nicholas Schlachter (Potter C). 2nd) Caden Schwader (Howard).
  • 110M hurdles: 1st) Parker Grieben (Aberdeen Roncalli). 2nd) Spencer Melius (Faulkton). 3rd) Owen Speiker (Clark/WL).
  • 300M hurdles: 1st) Spencer Melius (Faulk). 2nd) Brody Weinmeister (Ab. Roncalli). 3rd) Parker Grieben (Ab. Roncalli).
  • 4×100 relay. 1st) Faulkton. 2nd) Hamlin
  • 4×200 relay: 1st) Faulkton. 2nd) Potter County. 3rd) Hitchcock-Tulare.
  • 4×400 relay: 1st) Faulkton. 2nd) Hamlin. 3rd) Florence/Henry.
  • 4×800 relay: 1st) Aberdeen Roncalli. 2nd) Clark/WL. 3rd) Faulkton Area.
  • SMR 1600M: 1st) Langford Area. 2nd) Iro/LP. 3rd) Clark/WL
  • Shot put: 1st) Noah Smith (Hamlin). 2nd) Erik Salmen (Hitch-Tulare). 3rd) Michael Severson (Clark/WL)
  • Discus: 1st) Kaden St. Pierre (Hamlin). 2nd) Erik Salmen (Hitch-Tulare). 3rd) Noah Smith (Hamlin).
  • High Jump: 1st) Adam Moe (Florence/H). 2nd) Josh McMasters (Iro/LP). 3rd) Talen Huber (Clark/WL)
  • Long jump: 1st) Mehki Keller (Florence/H). 2nd) Landon Larson (PC). 3rd) Landon Puffer (Hitchcock-Tulare).
  • Triple Jump: 1st) Mehki Keller (Florence/H). 2nd) Brendan Nowell (Hitch-Tulare). 3rd) Landon Larson (PC) .



Sisseton   0

Deuel       15

(Game 1)


Sisseton    6

Deuel        21

(Game 1)


Mo/Po    3

Winner   7

(GAME 1)


Mo/Po    5

Winner   6

(GAME 2)



NEC Golf Championship(s)

On Monday the NEC golf championships took place and the Aberdeen Roncalli Cavaliers saw outstanding results as Claire Crawford placed 1st, carding a 101 for the afternoon. Grace Seyer was just one shot behind her, in second place, with a 102. Ava Danielson placed 6th with a 106, Reese Henrich carded a 122, good for 10th place & Morgan Helms a 124, good for 11th place for the day.


Pre-Region 5B Girls @ Huron, SD

On Monday the pre-region meet was held in Huron and there were no team scores kept, but individually on the girls side, it was another stellar performance from Miller’s Jayce Pugh as she finished 10 shots ahead of the rest of the competition to become the medalist for the afternoon.


1st) Jayce Pugh (Miller) (76)

2nd) Kaihlyn Anderberg (Miller) (86)

3rd) Trisha Cramer (Faulkton) (90)

5th) Gabby Kast (Faulkton) (92)

6th) Taryn Hettick (Selby) (95)

7th) Olivia Mikkelsen (Potter County) (95)


On the guys side, Tray Hettick of Selby area was the medalist carding an 80 for the afternoon, good for first place.

1st) Tray Hettick (Selby) (80)

2nd) Jace Konsor (Ipswich) (82)

3rd) Gavin Colson (Sully Buttes) (83)

4th) Derek Brueggeman (Miller) (85)

T-4th) Drake Mueller (Faulkton) (85)