#SDpreps Scoreboard (5/8/2023) [T&F, golf, SB & tennis]




Webster QUAD w/ Aberdeen Roncalli, Groton Area, Milbank, TZ & Webster Area

  • On Monday the Bearcats of Webster Area held a Quad with multiple area teams. No team scores were kept, but there multiple notable finishes…
  • 100m: 1st) Peyton Snell (Webster). 2nd) Jersey Johnson (Webster). 3rd) Elexia Quintanilla (Milbank).
  • 200m: 1st) Mckenna Tietz (Groton). 2nd) Payton Snell. 3rd) Rylee Dunker (Groton).
  • 400m: 1st) Ashlynn Warrington (Groton). 2nd) Emma Vogel (Aberdeen Roncalli). 3rd) Olivia Foell (Milbank).
  • 800m: 1st) Faith Traphagen (Groton). 2nd) Taryn Traphagen (Groton). 3rd) Ella Hegg (Webster).
  • 100m hurdles: 1st) Maddie Huber (Roncalli). 2nd) Talli Wright (Groton). 3rd) Hannah Sandness (Groton)
  • 300m hurdles: 1st) Talli Wright (Groton). 2nd) McKenna Tietz. (Groton) 3rd) Maddie Huber (Roncalli)
  • 4×100/200/400/800/SMR1600m relay: 1st) Groton. 2nd) Roncalli.
  • Shot put: 1st) Katie Braun (Webster Area). 2nd) Emma Kutter (Groton). 3rd) Gracie Cadwell (Webster)
  • Discus: 1st) Katie Braun (Webster). 2nd) Rylee Voeller (Roncalli). 3rd) Abby Vander Linden (Web).
  • Javelin: 1st) Rylee Voeller (Ab. Roncalli). 2nd) Ella Hegg (Webster). 3rd) Jersey Johnson (Webster).
  • High Jump: 1st) Erin Sannes (Webster). 2nd) Kathryn Olivier (Ab. Roncalli). 3rd) Emerlee Jones (Groton).
  • Pole vault: 1st) Katie Kruger (Milbank). 2nd) Rylee Scoular (Milbank). 3rd) Lydia Vogl (Webster).
  • Long jump: 1st) Aspen Johnson (Groton). 2nd) Sydney Leicht (Groton). 3rd) Gianna Madsen (Roncalli).
  • Triple Jump: 1st) Aspen Johnson (Groton). 2nd) Sarah Zubke (Webster). 3rd) Emily Acree (Webster).



  • 100m: 1st) Andrew Marzahn 11.98 [SR] (Groton). 2nd) Jacob Zak (Groton). 3rd) Korbin Kucker (Groton)
  • 200m: 1st) Gavin Witt (Webster). 2nd) Jayden Munroe (Ab. Roncalli). 3rd) Lane Tietz (Groton).
  • 400m: 1st) Jayden Munroe (Aberdeen Roncalli). 2nd) Trey Dunse (Webster). 3rd) Ethan Schlotte (Webster).
  • 800m: 1st) Blake Pauli (Groton). 2nd) Garrett Griffin (Ab. Roncalli). 3rd) Beau Price (Aberdeen Roncalli).
  • 1600m: 1st) Garrett Griffin (Ab. Roncalli). 2nd) Jayden Schwan (Groton). 3rd) Jose Hernandez (Milb).
  • 110m hurdles: 1st) Parker Grieben (Ab. Roncalli). 2nd) Caden McInerney (Groton).
  • 300m hurdles: 1st) Parker Grieben (Ab. Roncalli). 2nd) Aiden Fisher (Ab. Roncalli). 3rd) Jeron McCreary (Webster).
  • 4×100 relay: 1st) Groton. 2nd) Ab. Roncalli
  • 4×200 relay: 1st) Ab. Roncalli. 2nd) Groton Area.
  • 4×400 relay: 1st) Groton. 2nd) Ab. Roncalli.
  • 4×800 relay: 1st) Ab. Roncalli. 2nd) Groton Area.
  • SMR 1600m: 1st) Groton. 2nd) Ab. Roncalli.
  • Shot put: 1st) Matthew Mount (Webster). 2nd) Logan Ringgenberg (Groton). 3rd) Holden Sippel (Groton)
  • Discus: 1st) Logan Ringgenberg (Groton). 2nd) Matthew Mount (Webster). 3rd) Oliver Korth (Milbank)
  • Javelin: 1st) Maddox May (Aberdeen Roncalli). 2nd) Trey Dunse (Webster). 3rd) Michael Luu (Roncalli)
  • Pole vault: 1st) Beau Price (Ab. Roncalli). 2nd) Isaac Price (Ab. Roncalli). 3rd) Matt Peterson (Roncalli).
  • Long jump: 1st) Jacob Zak (Groton). 2nd) Mike Smith (TZ). 3rd) Jacob Keller (Webster).
  • Triple Jump: 1st) Jacob Keller (Webster). 2nd) Jacob Zak (Groton). 3rd) Layten Osowski (Milbank).




Aberdeen Roncalli   7

Milbank Bulldogs     2 (Final home match of year for Milbank)

  • The Cavaliers traveled east to Milbank to take on the Bulldogs in tennis action on Monday afternoon and the Cavs picked up a 7-2 win in the dual. Aberdeen Roncalli got singles victories from Palmer Johnson, Gannon May, Ezra Feickert & Jacob Bellefeuille. The Cavs also swept the Bulldogs in all the of the doubles action; that’s wins from the teams of May-Johnson, Feickert-Haskell & Bellefeuille-Reecy.



Watertown Arrows   19

Aberdeen Central        1 F/4 innings

(@ NSU)



POET Invite w/ Aberdeen Roncalli, Sisseton, Redfield, Groton Area & Mo-Po


1st) Madison (399)

2nd) Groton Area (427)

3rd) Aberdeen Roncalli (438)

4th) Milbank (468)



1st) Carly Guthmiller (Groton Area) [85]

2nd) Delilah Maxwell (Madison) [90]

3rd) Sienna Maxwell (Madison) [98]

4th) Maci Rinehart (Madison) [99]

5th) Elliot Hortness (Sisseton) [100]

7th) Grace Seyer (Aberdeen Roncalli) [102]

8th) Claire Crawford (Aberdeen Roncalli) [105]