#SDpreps Scoreboard (5/9/2023) [tennis, golf + T&F]




Capital City Qualifier w/ Aberdeen Central, Herreid/SA, Mo-Po, Potter County, Sully Buttes

  • At the Capital City Qualifier in Pierre, Aberdeen Central & other regional squads competed, although there were no team scores kept, there were still many area athletes with standout performances, including, on the girls side…
    • Ryli Thompson of Mo/Po taking 1st in the 400meter w/ Emma Schlachter of PC in 2nd.
    • Faith Heil of Mo/Po won the 800meter w/ Jadyn Ahlemeier in 2nd from Potter County.
    • Heidi Olson of Mo/Po won the 1600m. Olson also won the 3200m with a school record time.
    • Stevie Wittler of Sully Buttes placed 2nd in the 100m hurdles, she also won the 300m hurdles.
    • Lydia Hill of Sully Buttes placed 2nd in the shot put with a school record throw; she also won the discus.
    • Kiana Joerger from Aberdeen Central won the pole vault w/ her teammate Breckan Santjer placing second.
    • Breanna Jochim of Herreid/SA placed 2nd in the long jump.
    • Aberdeen Central’s Jaidyn Forsyth placed 2nd in the triple jump.
  • On the guys side…
    • Gavin Barber of Sully Buttes placed 4th in the 400m w/ a PR.
    • Shane Henderson of Mo/Po won the 800M w/ a PR.
    • Nicholas Schlachter of Potter County placed 1st in the 1600m, he also won the 3200m.
    • Simon Fried of Mo/Po placed 3rd in the 300m hurdles. Jack Podoll of Ab. Central in 8th.
    • Aberdeen’s Central’s team of Comstock, Burt, Ewalt & Fayant won the 4×200 relay.
    • Vetch, Pfitzer, Henderson & Friend (Mo/Po) won the 4×400 relay (Central in 2nd).
    • Brenden Begeman of Herreid/SA set a school record in the shot put (placed 2nd).
    • Begeman also placed 3rd in the discus + Aberdeen Central’s Jack Bertsch in 4th.


LRC Meet w/ Aberdeen Christian, Faulkton Area, Frederick, Ipswich, Langford Area, Leola, Northwestern, Warner


1st) Ipswich (173)

2nd) Warner (112)

3rd) Faulkton Area (105)

4th) Northwestern (93)

5th) Frederick (75)

6th) Aberdeen Christian (65)

7th) North Central (41)

8th) Leola (23)

9th) Langford Area (8)



  • 100M: 1st) Shawnteah La Croix (Aberdeen Christian). 2nd) Ashley Ptacek (Ipswich). Paytyn Marlow (Langford)
  • 200M: 1st) Shawnteah La Croix (Aberdeen Christian). 2nd) Ashley Ptacek (Ipswich). 3rd) MaKenna Leidholt (Warner).
  • 400M: 1st) Ashley Haven (NW). 2nd) Morgan Sumption (Fred). 3rd) Addisyn Heinrich (Warner).
  • 800M: 1st) Ella Boekelheide (NW). 2nd) Morgan Sumption (Fred). 3rd) Jillian Ellwein (Fred).
  • 1600M: 1st) Ella Boekelheide (NW). 2nd) Madisyn Gellhaus (Ipswich). 3rd) Kennadee Wiedenbush (Warner).
  • 3200M: 1st) Kennadee Wiedenbush (Warner). 2nd) Rachel Beaner (Aberdeen Christian).
  • 100M hurdles: 1st) Kaidence Bulgin (North Central). 2nd) Lauren Marcuson (Warner). 3rd) Sienna Kessler (NW).
  • 300M hurdles: 1st) Marley Guthmiller (Ipswich). 2nd) Sofia Losure (Fred).3rd) Presleigh Martinmaas (Faulkton).
  • 4×100 relay: 1st) Aberdeen Christian. 2nd) Ipswich. 3rd) Warner. 4th) NW. 5th) North Central
  • 4×200 relay: 1st) Aberdeen Christian. 2nd) NW. 3rd) Frederick. 4th) Warner. 5th) Faulkton
  • 4×400 relay: 1st) NW. 2nd) Faulkton. 3rd) Frederick. 4th) Warner. 5th) Ipswich.
  • 4×800 relay: 1st) Faulkton. 2nd) Warner. 3rd) Ipswich
  • 1600M SMR: 1st) Faulkton. 2nd) Warner. 3rd) Faulkton
  • High Jump: 1st) Sophia Hoeft (Warner). 2nd) Sofia Losure (Frederick). 3rd) Gracie Lange (Ipswich).
  • Pole Vault: 1st) Quincy Olivier (Ipswich). 2nd) Marley Guthmiller (Ipswich).
  • Long jump: 1st) Linsey Geier (North Central). 2nd) Gracie Lange (Ipswich). 3rd) Addison Melius (Faulkton).
  • Triple jump: 1st) Ashley Ptacek (Ipswich). 2nd) Lindsey Geier (North Central). 3rd) Chloe Arneson (Frederick).
  • Shot put: 1st) Savanna Hayes (Faulkton) 2nd) Ana Ratigan (NW). 3rd) Alyx Hoffman (Leola).
  • Discus: 1st) Savanna Hayes (Faulkton). 2nd) Ashley Senn (Faulkton). 3rd) Stacia Carda (Warner).



1st) Ipswich (224)

2nd) Frederick (108)

3rd) Warner (93)

4th) Faulkton Area (79)

5th) Northwestern (64)

6th) Aberdeen Christian (49)

7th) Leola (39)

8th) North Central (35)

9th) Langford Area (26)



  • 100M: 1st) Trevor Heinz (Ipswich). 2nd) Tyler Hettich (Ipswich). 3rd) Johnathan Bretsch (Frederick).
  • 200M: 1st) Daniel Stoll (Faulkton). 2nd) Trevor Heinz (Ipswich). 3rd) Abe Kretchman (A. Christian).
  • 400M: 1st) Johnathan Bretsch (Frederick). 2nd) Turner Thorson (Ipswich). 3rd) Roman DiMaria (Faulkton)
  • 800M: 1st) Maxwell Kulesa (Ipswich). 2nd) Ian Beyers (Ipswich).
  • 1600M: 1st) Lincoln Woodring (NW). 2nd) Maxwell Kulesa (Ipswich). 3rd) Nathan Melius (NW).
  • 3200M: 1st) Milo Sumption (Frederick). 2nd) Xavier Kadlec (Ipswich). 3rd) Titus Kippley (Frederick).
  • 110m hurdles: 1st) Carter Geditz (Ipswich). 2nd) Kaden Weig (Ipswich). 3rd) Julian Rodriguez (Langford).
  • 300M: 1st) Spencer Melius (Faulkton). 2nd) Nathan Melius (NW). 3rd) Kaden Weig (Ipswich).
  • 4×100 relay: 1st) Faulkton. 2nd) Ipswich. 3rd) Warner. 4th) Aberdeen Christian. 5th) North Central
  • 4×200 relay: 1st) Faulkton. 2nd) Warner. 3rd) Ipswich. 4th) Frederick. 5th) Aberdeen Christian.
  • 4×400 relay: 1st) Faulkton. 2nd) Frederick. 3rd) Ipswich. 4th) Warner. 5th) North Central
  • 4×800 relay: 1st) Frederick. 2nd) Ipswich. 3rd) Warner. 4th) Faulkton Area. 5th) Leola.
  • 1600 SMR relay: 1st) NW. 2nd) Warner. 3rd) Faulkton. 4th) Ipswich. 5th) Frederick.
  • High Jump: 1st) Tyler Hettich (Ipswich). 2nd) Brayden Sumption (Frederick). 3rd) Chays Mansfield (Warner).
  • Pole vault: 1st) Darrel Yost (Ipswich).
  • Long jump: 1st) Trevor Heinz (Ipswich). 2nd) Abe Kretchman (Aberdeen Christian). 3rd) Jackson Isakson (Aberdeen Christian).
  • Triple Jump: 1st) Abe Kretchman (Aberdeen Christian). 2nd) Noah Kippley (Fred). 3rd) Lucas Gulbranson (Leola).
  • Shot put: 1st) Lucas Rowland (Ipswich). 2nd) Dylan Wurtz (Leola). 3rd) Jude Ortmeier (NW).
  • Discus: 1st) Dustin Wurtz (Leola). 2nd) Levi Scepaniak (Warner). 3rd) Alex Pudwill (Warner).


LCC Championships w/ Hamlin & Clark/WL


1st) Sioux Valley (164)

2nd) Hamlin (103)

3rd) Clark/WL (100)

4th) Castlewood (92.5)

5th) Deuel (89)

6th) Flandreau (86)

7th) De Smet (65)



  • 100m: 3rd) Musonda Kabwe (Clark/WL). 4th) Emma Schultz (Hamlin)
  • 200m: 2nd) Musonda Kabwe (Clark/WL)
  • 3200m: 2nd) Ava Taschner (Hamlin).
  • 100m hurdles: 2nd) Sara Thonvold (Clark/WL)
  • 300m hurdles: 1st) Zoe Nichols (Clark/WL). 2nd) Madelyn Trowbridge (Hamlin).
  • 4×100 relay: 1st) Clark/WL. 3rd) Hamlin.
  • 4×200 relay: 1st) Clark/WL. 4th) Hamlin.
  • 4×400 relay: 1st) Clark/WL
  • 4×800 relay: 1st) Clark/WL … Clark/WL finished 2nd in the SMR 1600m
  • Shot put: 1st) Gracelyn Leiseth (Hamlin). 2nd) Kami Wadsworth (Hamlin).
  • Discus: 1st) Gracelyn Leiseth (Hamlin). 2nd) Kami Wadsworth (Hamlin).
  • High Jump: 1st) Shayne Fritz (Hamlin). 6th) Samantha Brenden (Clark/WL).
  • Long Jump: 2nd) Marissa Bawdon (Hamlin). 5th) Shayne Fritz (Hamlin) [Fritz also 5th in triple jump].



1st) Sioux Valley (190)

2nd) Deuel (119)

3rd) De Smet (99)

4th) Hamlin (85.5)

5th) Clark/WL (72)

6th) Castlewood (66)

7th) Flandreau (64)



  • 100m: 3rd) Zac VanMeeteren (Hamlin)…he also WON the 200m & 400m dash.
  • 1600m: 4th) Cooper Pommer (Clark/WL). 5th) Damian Severson (Clark/WL).
  • 300m hurdles: 4th) Mato DeNoyer (Clark/WL).
  • 4×100 relay: 2nd) Hamlin…Hamlin finished 3rd in 4×400 relay.
  • SMR 1600m: 3rd) Hamlin.
  • Shot Put: 1st) Damon Wilkinson (De Smet). 2nd) Cristhian Rodriguez (Hamlin). 4th) Michael Severson (Clark/WL). 5th) Noah Smith (Hamlin).
  • Discus: 1st) Damon Wilkinson (De Smet). 2nd) Kaden St. Pierre (Hamlin).
  • High Jump: 4th) Talen Huber (Clark/WL).
  • Long Jump: 5th) Ernesto Garcia (Clark/WL). 6th) Riggs Prouty & 7th) Mason Trowbridge (Hamlin).
  • Triple Jump: 3rd) Ernesto Garcia (Clark/WL).


ECC Meet w/ Britton-Hecla, Florence/Henry, GPL + Waverly-SS


1st) GPL (245)

2nd) Britton-Hecla (86)

3rd) Florence/Henry (79)

4th) Dakota Hills (74)

5th) Tri-State (54)



  • 100M: 1st) Sophie Kannas (GPL). 2nd) Taylor Watson (Florence/H)
  • 200M: 1st) Sophie Kannas (GPL). 2nd) Keturah Schleusener (GPL).
  • 400M: 1st) Trinity Watson (Florence/H). 2nd) Cassie Kazenbach (GPL).
  • 800M: 1st) Taylor Watson (Florence/H). 2nd) Stella Abrahmason (GPL).
  • 1600M: 1st) Halle Bauer (GPL).
  • 3200M: 1st) Halle Bauer (GPL).
  • 100M hurdles: 1st) Katherine Prahl (GPL).
  • 300M hurdles: 1st) Kyrie Roberts (GPL).
  • 4×100 relay: 1st) GPL. 3rd) Britton-Hecla
  • 4×200 relay: 1st) GPL. 2nd) Florence/H. 3rd) Britton-Hecla.
  • 4×400 relay: 1st) Florence/H. 2nd) GPL. 3rd) Britton-Hecla.
  • 4×800 relay: 1st) Britton-Hecla
  • SMR 1600M: 1st) GPL. 2nd) Tri-State. 3rd) Dakota Hills. 4th) Britton-H. 5th) Florence/H.
  • Shot put: 1st) Briana Cordle (GPL). 2nd) Shali Laurence (Tri-State)
  • Discus: 1st) Shali Laurence (Tri-State). 2nd) Claire Marcus (GPL). 3rd) Briana Cordle (GPL).
  • High Jump: 1st) Abigail Kjenstad (GPL). 3rd) Sterling Brassfield (Britton-Hecla).
  • Long Jump: 1st) Sterling Mertens (Britton-Hecla). 2nd) Abigail Lee (Britton-Hecla).
  • Triple Jump: 1st) Abigail Lee (Britton-Hecla).



1st) GPL (174)

2nd) Britton-Hecla (89)

3rd) Dakota Hills (88)

4th) Tri-State (74)

5th) Florence/Henry (66)

6th) Waverly-SS (45)



  • 100M: 1st) Micah Holien (GPL). 2nd) Dashel Davidson (Britton-Hecla).
  • 200M: 1st) Casey Litton (Tri-State). 2nd) Micah Holien (GPL). 3rd) Mehki Keller (Florence/H).
  • 400M: 1st) Micah Holien (GPL). 2nd) Hessel Andringa (GPL).
  • 800M: 1st) Daniel Person (Britton-Hecla). 2nd) Grayson Madsen (Tri-State).
  • 1600M: 1st) Grayson Madsen (Tri-State). 2nd) Jayven Maag (Dakota Hills).
  • 3200M: 1st) Jayven Maag (Dakota Hills). 2nd) Isaiah Berg (GPL).
  • 300m hurdles: 1st) Tucker Mertens (Britton-Hecla). 2nd) Dominick Clark (GPL).
  • 4×100 relay: 1st) Dakota Hills. 2nd) Florence/H. 3rd) Britton-Hecla. 4th) GPL.
  • 4×200 relay: 1st) Tri-State. 2nd) Dakota Hills. 3rd) Florence/Henry
  • 4×400 relay: 1st) Britton-Hecla. 2nd) GPL. 3rd) Tri-State.
  • 4×800 relay: 1st) Britton-Hecla. 2nd) Dakota Hills. 3rd) GPL.
  • SMR 1600m: 1st) Britton-Hecla. 2nd) Dakota Hills. 3rd) Florence/H.
  • Shot put: 1st) RJ Perry (GPL). 2nd) Brady Eschen (Waverly-SS). 3rd) Bryan Ramirez (Waverly-SS).
  • Discus: 1st) Brady Eschen (Waverly-SS). 2nd) RJ Perry (GPL).
  • High jump: 1st) Lucas Johnson (GPL). 2nd) Adam Moe (Florence/H).
  • Long jump: 1st) Mehki Keller 20.02.00 (SR) (Florence/H). 2nd0 Hessel Andringa (GPL).
  • Triple Jump: 1st) Mehki Keller (Florence/H). 2nd0 Jaxen Dockter (Dakota Hills).



ESD Meet @ Hitchcock Park (in Mitchell) w/ Aberdeen Central

  • Down south @ Hitchcock Park in Mitchell, the Aberdeen Central Golden Eagles battled in the ESD meet in tennis action. After a slow start due to rain delays, after the first day of action, Central finds themselves (collectively) sitting at sixth place out of a potential nine teams.
  • Central got singles victories from Sekou Gogue (10-7).
  • Mitchell Hofer (10-7) over Curtis Sneden (Watertown).
  • Preston Kreber (8-6) over Xavier St. Pierre (Brookings).
  • Kreber also defeated Tyler Dingsor of Watertown 8-7 (5).
    • Because of the lousy weather to start the day, just about all of the doubles action will pick up tomorrow morning in Sioux Falls.



1st) Harrisburg (199)

2nd) Brandon Valley (170)

3rd) Yankton (134)

4th) Mitchell (92.5)

5th) Watertown (89.5)

6th) Aberdeen Central (67)

7th) Huron (19)

8th) Pierre (3)

9th) Brookings (0)



JVC Golf Invite


1st) Chester (269)

2nd) Miller (271)

3rd) JVC (300)

4th) Potter County (324)

5th) Sanborn (429)



1st) Jayce Pugh (Miller) (80)

2nd) Jadyn McDonald (Chester) (85)

3rd) Ayla McDonald (Chester) (86)

4th) Kaihlyn Anderberg (Miller) (90)

5th) Belle NiederBaumer (JVC) (97)



1st) Wessington Springs (263)

2nd) Ipswich (267)

3rd) JVC (269)

4th) Howard (270)

5th) Edmunds Central (271)



1st) Ethan Bartholow (JVC) (80)

2nd) Derek Brueggeman (Miller (81)

T-2nd) Lane Hodges (Howard) (81)

4th) Kaiden Weinreis (Doland) (83)

5th) Heyns Bothman (Wess-Springs) (86)



Deuel      14

Sisseton   0

(Game 1)


Deuel       18

Sisseton  14

(Game 2)