#SDpreps Scoreboard For 4/25/2023 (Golf, T&F + Tennis)



Pierre Invite w/ Aberdeen Central (GIRLS)


1st) Mitchell (+43)

T-1st) Aberdeen Central (+43)

3rd) Pierre (+55)

4th) RC Stevens (+59)

5th) Yankton (+59)



1st) Mattie Weidenbach – Harrisburg (+6) [Won Coin Flip]

T-1st) Quinn Dannenbring – Mitchell (+6)

T-1st) Tanna Phares – Rapid City Stevens (+6)

2nd) Ellia Homstad – Yankton (+7)

T-2nd) Alison Kennedy – Spearfish (+7)

3rd) Olivia Braun – Aberdeen Central (+8)

4th) Emma Dohrer – Aberdeen Central (+9)

T-6th) Kyley Wirebaugh – Aberdeen Central (+12)

T-8th) Leah Gough – Aberdeen Central (+14)



Sioux Falls Roosevelt    3

Aberdeen Central           6 – Wins: Mitchell Hofer, AJ Prehn, Sekou Gogue & Hunter Miller. Doubles wins: Hofer-Prehn, Gogue-Riggs, Kreber-Sam Casper


Sioux Falls Jefferson   1

Aberdeen Central        8 – Wins: Hofer, Prehn, Gogue, Preston Kreber, Miller. Doubles wins: Hofer-Prehn, Gogue-Riggs, Kreber-Casper


Sioux Falls Jefferson   5

Aberdeen Roncalli       4 – Wins: Cason Hellwig & Jacob Bellefeuille. Doubles W’s: Johnson-May, Feickert-Haskell.


Sioux Falls Roosevelt 4

Aberdeen Roncalli      5 – Wins: Hellwig, Gannon May, Bellefeuille. Doubles W’s: Johnson-May, Hellwig-Henrich.


Pipestone (MN)  2

Milbank Area       7



Clark/WL Cyclone Invite w/ Florence/Henry, GPL + Webster Area

At the Clark/WL Cyclone invite, no team scores were kept – but many local & regional athletes put together great performances. Some of which include, on the BOYS side…

  • Gavin Witt of Webster Area placing 1st in the 100 meter dash.
  • Martin Dorsett of Webster Area winning the 200 meter dash (Also finished 3rd in the 400 meters).
    • Emmerson Larson (Clark/WL) placed 2nd in the 200 meter.
  • Damian Severson (Clark/WL): 4th in the 800 meters.
  • Cooper Pommer (Clark/WL): 3rd in the 1600 meters + 1st in the 3200 meters.
  • Owen Speiker of Clark/WL won the 3200 meter run. + won the 110m, 300m, hurdles.
  • RJ Perry of GPL won the shot put w/ Matthew Mount of Webster Area finishing in 2nd.
  • Perry also won the discus w/ Mount again finishing in 2nd
  • Adam Moe of Florence/Henry won the high jump w/ Jaiden McCreary of Webster finishing 2nd.
  • Mehki Keller of Florence/Henry won the long jump w/ Jaiden McCreary finishing 2nd.
  • Jacob Keller of Webster Area won the triple jump w/ Keller (Flo/H) placing 2nd.

In GIRLS action…

  • Sophie Kannas of GPL won the 100 & 200 meter dash.
  • Taylor Watson of Florence/Henry won the 400 meter dash.
  • Trinity Watson of Florence/Henry won the 800 meter dash w/ Ella Hegg of Webster finishing 2nd.
  • Kamryn Nesheim of Clark/WL won the 1600 meter run.
  • Halle Bauer of GPL won the 3200 run.
  • Sara Thonvold of Clark/WL placed 2nd in the 100m hurdles.
  • Kyrie Roberts of GPL placed 2nd in the 300m hurdles.
  • Katie Braun (Webster Area) finished 2nd in the shot put.
  • Elliott Steiner & Erin Sannes of Webster Area finished 1st & 2nd in the high jump.
  • Johanna Vandersnick of Clark/WL won the long jump.
  • Catie Neumann of GPL was 2nd in the Triple jump.


Miller Booster Club Meet w/ Aberdeen Christian, Aberdeen Roncalli, Britton-Hecla, Frederick, Groton Area, Highmore-Harrold, JVC, Miller, Northwestern, Sunshine Bible + Warner, Wolsey-Wessington

  • At the Miller Booster Invite, no team scores were kept, but multiple stand out performances took place, of note…
  • Logan Permann of Warner won the 100meter dash (Also the 200m) w/ Joey Hoverson of Wolsey-Wessington being 2nd. Jayden Munroe of Aberdeen Roncalli finished in 3rd
  • Abe Kretchman of Aberdeen Christian finished 2nd in the 200m.
  • Coby Aasby of Highmore-Harrold won with 400 meter dash
  • Alex Schumacher of Miller won the 800 meter run (also the 1600m) w/ Johnathan Bretsch finishing in 2nd
  • Pierce Baumberger of Miller won the 3200 meter run.
  • Hunter Cramer of Warner took the top spot in the 110m hurdles w/ Isaak Hunter of Miller in 2nd.
  • Cramer also won the 300m hurdles, w/ Brody Weinmeister finishing in 2nd (Aberdeen Roncalli)
  • The team of Zachary Wood, Logan Permann, Hunter Cramer & Payton Volk of Warner won the 4×100 relay (they finished in 2nd in the 4×200)
  • Keegan Tracy, Ryder Johnson, Andrew Marzacn & Teylor Diegel won the 4×200 relay
  • The squad of Caleb Richmond, Moshe Richmond, Julius Pagels & Joey Hoverson won the 4×400 relay + another W-W squad won the 4×800.
  • Logan Ringgenberg of Groton Area won the shot put w/ Jude Ortmeier of NW finishing in 2nd.
  • Abe Kretchman, Andrew Brennan & Jackson Isakson, of Aberdeen Christian finished: 1, 2 & 3 respectively in the long jump.
  • Jayden Munroe of Aberdeen Roncalli won the triple jump + Abe Kretchman (AC) in 2nd.
    • On the GIRLS side…
  • Shawnteah La Croix of Aberdeen Christian won the 100 meter run. Ali Isakson in 5th.
  • La Croix also won the 200 meter run.
  • Abby Hinman of SBA won the 400 meter run.
  • Paige Schmidt of Aberdeen Roncalli placed 3rd in the 800 meters.
  • Ella Boekelheide of NW won the 1600 & 3200 meter run(s).
  • Tyra Gates of Miller won the 100m hurdles w/ Lauren Marcuson of Warner in 4th.
  • Sofia Losure of Frederick Area placed 2nd in the 300m hurdles.
  • The team of Tyra Gates, Ally Mullaney, Morgan Kolda & Jaden Werdel won the 4×100 & 4×200 relay (Miller squad)
  • Abby Hinman, Betra Amare, Tessas Hinman & Dakota Boersma (SBA) won the 4×400 relay.
  • Ally Mullaney of Miller won the high jump w/ her teammate Gracen Werdel placing 2nd.
  • Mya Boomsma (Wolsey-Wessington) won the long jump, w/ Paige Werdel (Miller) in 2nd.
  • Ella Haven of the NW squad won the triple jump w/ Aspen Johnson (Groton) in 2nd.


Pat Gilligan Alumni Meet w/ Hamlin, Hitchcock-Tulare, Ipswich, Langford Area, Milbank, Redfield + Waverly/SS


1st) Milbank

2nd) Deubrook Area

3rd) Madison

4th) Hamlin

5th) Ipswich

13th) Redfield

16th) Hitchcock-Tulare

  • Camryn Rohlfs of Redfield placed 5th in the 100meters & 3rd in the 200meters + 4th in 400meters.
  • Rohlfs also won the long jump.
  • Avery Miles of Hitchcock-Tulare placed 4th in the 800 meter run + 2nd in the 1600 meters run.
  • Bianca Berry of Milbank finished 3rd in the 3200 meter run & Madisyn Gellhaus of Ipswich finished in 6th.
  • Marley Guthmiller of Ipswich finished in 3rd in the 100m hurdles + 2nd in the 300m hurdles.
  • Gracelyn Leiseth of Hamlin won the shot put, her teammate Kami Wadsworth was 2nd…they both finished 1st and 2nd respectively (again) in the discus.
  • Kami Wadsworth of Hamlin won the javelin with a PR.
  • Gracie Lange of Ipswich placed 3rd in the high jump + 7th in the triple jump.
  • Maggie Kruger finished 2nd in the pole vault.


1st) Milbank

2nd) Hamlin

3rd) Madison

4th) Deuel

5th) ELB

6th) Ipswich

10th) Hitchcock-Tulare

T-14th) Langford Area

16th) Redfield

19th) Waverly-SS


  • Rylan Thue of Hamlin finished 4th in the 100meter run.
  • Zac VanMeeteren of Hamlin won the 200m w/ his teammate Luke Fraser finishing in 2nd.
  • Freddy Vizcaya of Hamlin placed 4th in the 400meters…Ian Beyers of Ipswich in 7th.
  • James Batchelor of Milbank placed 3rd in the 800meters, w/ Kalen Godel of Langford in 5th.
  • Batchelor finished 2nd in the 1600 meter run, w/ Godel in third.
  • Isaac Graham of Milbank finished 2nd in the 3200 meter run.
  • TJ Salmen finished 2nd in the 110m hurdles (2nd in 300m), Carter Geditz of Ipswich in 3rd.
  • Damon Wilkinson of De Smet placed 3rd in the shot put, w/ Lucas Rowland of Ipswich placing 4th.
  • Kaden St. Pierre of Hamlin finished 2nd in the discus.
  • Cristhian Rodriguez of Hamlin finished 3rd in the javelin.
  • Tyler Hettich of Ipswich finished in 3rd in the high jump.
  • Jayden Johnson of Milbank was 2nd in the pole vault.
  • Trevor Heinz (Ipswich) won the long jump.
  • Kadyn Fast of De Smet finished in 2nd place in the triple jump


Rob Luecke Invite (Hosted by Groton – CANCELLED)


Timber Lake Invite w/ Leola


1st) Timber Lake

2nd) Harding County

3rd) Leola

4th) McIntosh



1st) Timber Lake

2nd) Lemmon

3rd) Harding County

4th) Faith

5th) Leola