Doug Griffin

Doug was born in Newport Beach, California and grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Doug is fluent in German as he spent his senior year of High School (1984-85) as an exchange student in Minden, Germany. Doug has been on morning radio since 1986, previous stations include: KSOL (where he was the traffic rapper Doug EEE Fresh) & 6 years as “Jungle Doug” on KRTY/San Jose – where he met his beautiful wife, Sheryl.

Doug has hosted a number of Christian Mornings shows (Dick & Doug, Doug & Connie, Doug & Karla). Doug has been the host of “The Family Friendly Morning Show” since 2002 – enjoying a incredible 8 year run with co-host Kim. November 4, 2010 began a new chapter as he welcomed Jaci Velasquez to the morning show. Since 1988 Doug has operated his own mobile DJ business and has served as DJ and MC for countless weddings, parties and special events. Doug’s eldest daughter Lauren is married and his son Garic “Baby-Man” Griffin has been a part of his dad’s morning shows since he could talk.