Ben Root

Ben Root

Mr. Root was born and raised in soCal, moving from the Inland Empire to the incomparable Orange County in his single-digit years. After obtaining an engineering degree, he learned that the big money was in radio… or not.

Ben earned a broadcasting degree with a sports emphasis and took his first full-time on-air gig as a DJ in Washington in 2006. After positions as a News Director calling high school sports in Wyoming, a Sports Director with a morning show in Nebraska, and another stint as a DJ in Washington, Ben found his way to Milbank, South Dakota, in 2010. He slid over to Aberdeen in 2011 and is now the Sports Director and the Voice of the NSU Wolves.

You might see Ben playing volleyball in a local league at Wylie or the Y, catch him playing disc golf, or see him walking the dog around town. He lives in Aberdeen with his wife Jennifer and their Beagle mix, Bridget Bones. Ben cheers for Orange County teams, and since his dad is a Michigan native, he roots for them as well.

Catch Ben on the radio:

You can reach him at (605) 229-3632 or by email at