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The Rock 94.1 plays, you guessed it, rock. And we can’t get enough.

Our local on air talent has a passion for bringing you information about Aberdeen, as well as providing you the soundtrack to your day.

Doc Sebastian : Program Director/Operations Manager/Announcer

Doc Sebastian

Program Director/Operations Manager/Announcer

I was born: In a crossfire hurricane.
I was raised: By a toothless, bearded hag.
Wait, that’s Jumpin’ Jack Flash!

Actually I was born June 18th, 1960 at Ft. Benning, Georgia. I graduated dead last in my class from Aberdeen Central in 1978 (I think they gave me a diploma so they wouldn’t have to deal with me for another two or three years).

Favorite Bands: Steely Dan, Little Feat, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Zep, Clapton, Dave Matthews, Blues Traveler, U2, and Police.

Favorite Foods: Anything Italian, burgers and beer!

Favorite TV Shows: Golf and baseball.

Favorite Teams: Broncos and Twins.

Movies I could watch over and over again: Young Frankenstein, Godfather Series, Papillon, Silence of the Lambs, Shawshank Redemption, Spinal Tap, Anything Monty Python, (almost) anything Bill Murray is in!

Buzzkills: Wars, Democrats and Republicans, Carrot Top!

Dinner for Four: Me, Jimmy Buffett, Bull Murray and the Late Great Harry Caray.

Dirty Little Secret: I’m really a lesbian trapped in a man’s body (or) I once spent my own paper route money on a Barry Manilow album.

Lifelong Goals: To break 100 on the golf course and the bowling alley in the same day!!!

Catch the Doc of Rock mornings 6 am – Noon on 94.1 The Rock and on Sunny 97.7 from 9 am – 2 pm. You can reach me at (605) 229-3632 or
Rusty Rokit : Webmaster/Announcer/Production Director

Rusty Rokit

Webmaster/Announcer/Production Director

Catch Rusty Rokit 6 am – Noon on 106.7 Point FM and Noon – 7 pm on 94.1 The Rock. Plus, Rusty’s got the new rock Saturday nights from 8 pm – Midnight during Rev It Up & Rock on 94.1 The Rock.

You can reach Rusty at (605) 229-3632 or