117 Wolves Honored by the ADA

CLEVELAND, OH (NSUWolves.com) – The Division 2 Athletics Directors Association (D2 ADA) announced the 2022-23 recipients of the D2 ADA Academic Achievement Awards. 117 Northern State Wolves were honored by the organization.
The Academic Achievement Awards, in its 16th year, is a program that recognizes the academic accomplishments of student-athletes at the Division II level. The full list of Northern State recipients is below.
“This program continues to showcase the amazing student-athletes, and the impactful support of their coaches and staff, across our Division 2 landscape. I want to congratulate all the recipients for earning the D2 ADA Academic Achievement Award,” said Kirby Garry, director of athletics at Cal State Monterey Bay and current D2 ADA President. “While the number of deserving student-athletes continues to increase annually, the number of institutions recognizing these individuals on campus also continues to trend upwards. We look forward to eclipsing the 200-institution barrier next year.”

To qualify for this honor, the following must occur:
  • The AD MUST BE a CURRENT dues-paying member of the D2 ADA.
  • Student-athlete must have …
  • a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • have attended a minimum of two years (four semesters) of college level work
  • have been an active member of an intercollegiate team during his/her last academic year
Northern State Honorees
Jenna Helms Cross Country Jr.
Kenzie Hamann Cross Country Jr.
Victoria Kolbinger Cross Country Sr.
Jennifer Clark Cross Country Sr.
Alli Jackson Cross Country So.
Jordan Hermansen Cross Country So.
Megan Pickering Cross Country Jr.
Vanessa Christensen Track and Field So.
Shawney Coenraad Track and Field Sr.
Cassidy Gough Track and Field Sr.
Christine Stoltenberg Track and Field Jr.
Jenna Helms Track and Field Jr.
Megan Pickering Track and Field Jr.
Jordan Hermansen Track and Field So.
Kenzie Hamann Track and Field Jr.
Victoria Kolbinger Track and Field Sr.
Renea Taylor Track and Field So.
Jennifer Clark Track and Field Sr.
Summer Carlson Track and Field So.
Kenzee Danielson Track and Field Jr.
Alli Jackson Track and Field So.
Alison Theis Track and Field Sr.
Lilja Davidsdottir Soccer Sr.
Isabel Polanco Garcia Soccer Sr.
Mackenna Heiden Soccer Jr.
Summer Carlson Soccer So.
Erin Day Soccer So.
Avery Blasdel Soccer So.
Jessi Ryman Soccer Jr.
Kelsey Selden Soccer Jr.
Zoe Boughton Soccer So.
Megan Fastenau Soccer So.
Paige Johnson Soccer Jr.
Elinor Sayers Soccer So.
Calista Kocmick Soccer Jr.
Hannah Smith Soccer So.
Mia Zagorski Soccer Jr.
Eva Larson Soccer So.
Ellie McCormick Soccer Jr.
Lauren Forsyth Swim Sr.
Mayson Sheldon Swim Sr.
Maddie Gonzales Swim Jr.
Georgy Turner Swim Sr.
Haley Osborne Swim So.
Mia Fursedonne Swim So.
Delaney Ryken Swim Sr.
Stella Bullis Swim So.
Hannah Kiernan Swim Sr.
Isaiah Nolan Football Gr.
Trey King Football Jr.
Raynor Beierle Football Gr.
Blake Clay Football So.
Jacob Oliphant Football Sr.
Jaimen Farrell Football So.
Clayton Grueneich Football Sr.
Charlie Larson Football So.
Brett Brenton Football Jr.
Jacob Schloe Football Sr.
Luke Gunderson Football So.
Wyatt Block Football So.
Caleb Schentzel Football Sr.
Dakota Larson Football Sr.
Max Otto Football So.
Lexi Chase Softball Jr.
Aubree Terris Softball Jr.
Brooke Carlson Softball So.
Abigial Rux Softball So.
Kamdyn Barrientos Softball So.
Grace Humann Softball So.
Elly Smith Softball Jr.
Alexandria Arndt Softball Jr.
Madison Langlie Volleyball Jr.
Natalia Szybinska Volleyball So.
Taylor Buckley Volleyball Sr.
Hanna Thompson Volleyball So.
Abby Brooks Volleyball So.
Keri Walker Volleyball Sr.
Sally Gaul Volleyball Sr.
Robert Coyle III Wrestling Gr.
Devin Bahr Wrestling Gr.
Mason Fey Wrestling So.
Wyatt Turnquist Wrestling Sr.
Teagan Block Wrestling So.
Brenden Salfrank Wrestling Jr.
Ty Althoff Wrestling Jr.
Nathan Schauer Wrestling So.
Kelby Hawkins Wrestling Gr.
Kolton Roth Wrestling Gr.
Halle Heinz Basketball So.
Abbey Holmes Basketball Jr.
Laurie Rogers Basketball Sr.
Brian Baker Baseball Sr.
Nathan Brecht Baseball Jr.
Scott Jussila Baseball So.
Andrew Wedwick Baseball So.
Blake Ask Baseball Jr.
Max Otto Baseball Jr.
Brent Hokeness Baseball Jr.
Jackson Weidner Baseball So.
Josh Steinwandt Baseball So.
Zach Carolin Baseball Jr.
Dayne McNaughton Baseball Jr.
Tyler Kimm Baseball So.
Taite Hensley Baseball Sr.
Jacob Ebeling Baseball So.
Cody Horon Baseball Jr.
Jordan Demarce Baseball Jr.
Austin Portner Baseball Sr.
Connor Knecht Baseball Jr.
Michael Chevalier Baseball Jr.
Jordan Belka Basketball Sr.
Josh Dilling Basketball Jr.
Sam Masten Basketball Sr.
Trey Longstreet Basketball So.
Jonathan Burkhalter Cross Country So.
Jonathan Burkhalter Track and Field So.
Seth Martens Track and Field Sr.