Day County Sheriff’s office provide update on missing woman

WEBSTER, S.D.(Mike Tanner, AlphaMedia & Audio from Dakota Radio Group)–The Day County Sheriff’s Office issued a news release today detailing the extensive five week search for a missing woman whose body was ultimately found late last week.

Forty six year-old Amy Dougherty disappeared December 23rd in blizzard conditions as she was driving to work in Bristol.

Last Friday, her body was found inside her vehicle in a slough a mile west of Bristol.

Authorities believe she drove off the road in whiteout conditions and into the body of water.

Divers from Pierre used a magnetometer during the search that had primarily been used for locating pipes in oil and gas fields. Caleb Gilkerson of Central Divers LLC says it’s used on the surface, not under the water.

When volunteers with Central Divers LLC located the vehicle using that piece of equipment, they immediately contacted law enforcement.

Day County Sheriff Ryan Rucktaeschel says an autopsy and investigation continue to determine the specifics of the accident.