More reactions from the Marijuana Interim Study Committee held on Wednesday

TRIPP, S.D.(WNAX)- The Marijuana Interim Study Committee of the South Dakota legislature held a marathon session this week to come up with proposals for medical and recreational uses of marijuana.

Committee member, Representative Caleb Finck of Tripp, says it was a long process.

Finck says the medical cannabis program is a hybrid of how many other states operate.

Finck says the focus was still on medical cannabis.

The committee also agreed on a plan to legalize adult use marijuana and tax it. All the proposals will go to the 2022 legislative session.

Finck  says there was multiple opinions.

Finck says a bill legalizing adult use of marijuana could move to the full legislature.

Finck says if adult use marijuana is approved, there would be less need for a medical marijuana program.

The proposals move on to the Executive Board, which is scheduled to meet on November 17th.

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