Senator Rounds weighs in on the abortion case & the leak

WASHINGTON, D.C.(KOTA)- A leaked draft opinion from the US Supreme Court has thrown the immediate future of abortion access in America into question – sparking celebrations on one end of the field, and protests on the other.

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds says he believes abortions should be minimized.

Rounds advocated for state control of abortion access.

State control of abortion has been criticized as creating a “patchwork” of access to reproductive services across the nation.

Rounds, during his time as governor, had a hand in creating South Dakota’s so-called “trigger law.”

Following a leak from the Supreme Court indicating an overturn of the landmark Roe V. Wade decision, questions are being asked on Capitol Hill.

South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds offered the view from DC.

Rounds warns of potentially harsh legal consequences for leakers.

While the leaked draft has sparked controversy, there are still many unknowns regarding abortion access in the near-future.

Rounds said he was “frustrated” by the intensity of protests, some of which have occurred outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices and lawmakers.