South Dakota Democratic leadership comment on the Logan Manhart eligibility

ABERDEEN, SD   The South Dakota Democratic Party has field a writ of prohibition against Logan Manhart, a Republican seeking a seat in the state legislature representing District 1. District 1 consists of rural Brown County along with parts of Roberts, Marshall and Day counties as well.

The party alleges Manhart has not been a resident for the necessary two years required by the South Dakota constitution to seek a seat in the state legislature.

State Democrat party executive director Berk Erhmantraut gave the blog Dakota Free Press credit for bringing this to their attention and explained in detail the accusations against Manhart.

Erhmantraut says the action the party is taking is actually against the Secretary of State’s office and the canvasing board and not Manhart himself.

If Manhart is on the ballot come November he would be seeking one of two seats in the House of Representatives from District 1 currently held by Republican Tamara St. John and Democrat Jennifer Keintz. Also running for election is another Democrat Steve McCleery.

Erhmantraut says he is confident Democrats would win that seat even if Manhart is on the ballot, but this is about following the rules.

Manhart has not responded to requests for comment on this matter.