Recommendations of what to do with the issue of baby formula shortages

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.(KELO)- The nationwide shortage of baby formula is also having an impact on families here at home.

Pediatrician for Sanford Health Dr. Mike Nagley:

Dr. Nagley talks about ways to combat the ongoing shortage of baby formula while keeping your child healthy.

Parents can also talk to their pediatrician about other ways to find formula, as well as reaching out to local Facebook groups.

There have been many tips and tricks floating around on how to feed your baby during the ongoing formula shortage.

Dr. Nagley talks about how safe they are.

Dr. Nagley says babies can have seizures, heart problems, and development issues if their formula is diluted.

When businesses post signs that limit the number of baby formula purchased per customer, Dr. Nagley saids that’s usually for a good reason.

Dr. Nagley says that parents should restock their supply when about 7 days worth of formula remains.