Protecting South Dakota Kids grade legislators on marijuana

HURON, S.D.(WNAX)- At the end of each legislative session various groups release mock report cards for legislators on the completed session. One of those is Protecting South Dakota Kids, chaired by Huron native Jim Kinyon. In the release Kinyon’s grades only focus on senators dealing with their vote on six bills that deal with marijuana in any form. District 22 Senator David Wheeler received a grade F for his votes on those bills. Wheeler responded why PSDK is focusing on Senators in the legislature.

PSDK seems to imply that any discussion of any topic of marijuana should be ended because of the “will of the people” this past November election with IM27 and recreational marijuana. Wheeler questions whether the will of the people is clear.

One of the four bills vetoed by Governor Noem is HB1209 which deals with hemp as an ag product. He said opponents misunderstood its intent.

Twelve of the thirty-five state senators received a failing grade.

Twenty-two of the seventry representatives received a failing grade.