Watertown Development Company beginning its 5-year campaign with Codington County Commission

WATERTOWN, S.D.(KXLG)- The Watertown Development Company is beginning its next 5-year capital campaign. Annually, the Codington County Commissioners have agreed to contribute $45,000, which was included in the last capital campaign.

This round, they request an additional $15,000 per year over five years for a total of $60,000 annually and a five-year accumulative total of $300,000.

Mark Dunn, Board Member of the Watertown Development Company, spoke on the presentation.

This year’s campaign is coined Grow Watertown 2.0.

Return projections for the $4 million campaign include 959 new jobs, over $219 million in new business output, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in increase in annual tax revenue.

Lake Area Technical College plays an integral role in development.

Dunn says they help with skill levels “all across the board.”

Commissioner and fellow Watertown Development Company Board Member Troy VanDusen spoke as well.

Commissioner Lee Gabel mentions they have also been a help to Ukrainian refugees coming into the Community.

Commissioner VanDusen had further comments.

Commissioner Myron Johnson had some comments for requesting parties.

Commissioner Johnson continues inflation is used as an excuse often, but at some point, that excuse won’t be valid and not to “take it for granted.”

Commissioner VanDusen mentioned that the new Executive Director, Chris Clifton, was planning to attend the meeting but could not attend.

The Commissioners will vote on budget requests at a future meeting.