Aberdeen City Council approve the City Manager to hire Economic Development Manager

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The Aberdeen City Council on Monday night discussed who to hire for economic development of the city.  There were three different options, one from the city manager, one from the city council, & one from the Aberdeen Development Corporation.

City Council member Alan Johnson had to play the role of Deputy Mayor as Mayor Travis Schaunamann had to recuse himself from the process.

Johnson talks about the first option.

City Council member David Novstrup explains his support for the third option by the ADC.

City Council member Erin Fouberg talks about her support of the ADC.

City Council member Tiffany Langer talks about her vote on this option.

The third option went down to defeat on a 6-2 vote.

Councilman Josh Rife motioned for the first option.  Novstrup is concern this will have a negative impact years down the road.

Mike Bockorny work with the ADC and talks about the lack of communication between the corporation & the city council.

Langer responds to the issue of lack of communication.

Fouberg explains that communication is a two way street.

Option 1 to allow the city manager to hire the Economic Development Manager passed on a 6-2 vote.  The city council also voted to budget ADC $30,000.  The two nay votes were from Fouberg & Novstrup.  Novstrup explain that his no vote is not a vote against the corporation.

Both Novstrup & Fouberg attempted to amend to budget $100,000 to ADC but failed on a 6-2 vote.