Aberdeen City Council receive report from NSU’s Innovation and Startup Center

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The Aberdeen City Council on Monday night received a report from Northern State’s Innovation and Startup Center.

Director Bea Smith wanted to thank the city council for their support.

Smith talks about the role of the center.

Smith talks about some of the events that occurred within the past year and looking ahead to the future.  She started by talking about the event held back in February.

Smith look ahead to what’s coming up in July with the Big Pitch Competition.

Earlier on Monday, they released the finalists for this event.  You can check that at this www.hubcityradio.com news page.

Smith continued to look ahead to another event going forward dealing with the issue of failure.

Smith talks about some of the other success stories happening in Aberdeen.

Smith talks about an event coming up in September.

Smith discuss another program that has been very successful.

You can learn more about the NSU Innovation & Startup Center at www.northern.edu/startupcenter.