Aberdeen City Council receive update on study involving a new public service facility

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- The Aberdeen City Council on Monday night received an update on the potential for a new public service facility.  The council got update on a study done by HKG Architects.  Andy Schaunaman, an employee with HKG Architects provided the results.  Schaunaman is the brother of the Mayor of Aberdeen Travis Schaunaman.

Andy Schaunaman talks about what the study would show.

The departments include Sanitation, Mechanics, Street Repairs, Utilities, Traffic Controls, & Pumps.

Schaunaman talks about why the Public Works Department needs a new facility.

Schaunaman reveals a couple of locations that the new facility could be at.

Planning & Zoning Director Brett Bill commented on location being considered at the south end of the city.

City Manager Joe Gaa told the council that the project is still in its early stage.

Gaa said they are not ready for it to be shelf ready but that this would be a big step forward.

The Aberdeen City Council voted unanimously to approve the study from HKG Architects.