Aberdeen Community Theatre Update

ABERDEEN, S.D. – (Hub City Radio) – The Aberdeen Community Theatre is asking for the public’s help with a recent unforeseen circumstance.

Jim Walker, Artistic/Managing Director of the Aberdeen Community Theatre, explains the details about the unique situation.

Jim also shares the history of the Aberdeen Community Theatre as well as the Capitol Theatre, which is located at 415 South Main Street in Aberdeen, S.D.

Additionally, Jim describes the process of renovating the Capitol Theatre, and how water damage after a severe rainstorm during the summer created a challenging problem.

Furthermore, Jim expresses the importance of the public’s contributions.

With the holiday season already upon us, the Aberdeen Community Theatre would like to invite everyone out to see their new production.

Lastly, Jim, and everyone at the Aberdeen Community Theatre would like to thank everyone for the continued support!

Be sure to visit the Aberdeen Community Theatre, and check out the pictures of the water damage below, courtesy of Aberdeen Community Theatre.