Aberdeen family appreciative of Children’s Miracle Network

MADISON, S.D. (KJAM) – When a child is very sick or suffering from a traumatic injury, a parent’s main focus is helping and being with the child through it all. It’s not something that is planned, so parents and families are not prepared for what could be a long road ahead of them. That’s where the Children’s Miracle Network comes into the picture, and why days like Miracle Treat Day are so important. Money raised through blizzard treat sales at the Madison Dairy Queen on Miracle Treat Day today go to help out the Children’s Miracle Network and their work to help families of sick and injured children.

The Children’s Miracle Network recently helped a Madison native and his family after his daughter suddenly became very ill. Cory Heidelberger of Aberdeen’s 13-year-old daughter Kasia (KA’-sha) had a sore throat and what they believed was the stomach flu in May. Heidelberger said that she was very tired and possibly even a bit dehydrated, so they were watching to see if they needed to consider taking her in to get an I-V of fluids. That’s when things took a turn for the worst, and they found her not responsive.

Heidelberger said it took three hours at the hospital in Aberdeen to get his daughter stabilized so that she could then be flown to Sioux Falls. He said that things changed very quickly with Kasia.

Heidelberger said that for two weeks, they did not have a clear diagnosis for what had happened or what was wrong with his daughter.

Eventually, doctors diagnosed Heidelberger’s daughter with Addison’s Disease, a disease in which the adrenal glands do not work properly. He said they were in Sanford Children’s Hospital for just more than two weeks and then transferred to Lifescape in Sioux Falls to focus on her rehabilitation. Kasia is continuing her rehab now at home in Aberdeen. Heidelberger said they were thankful for the help received through Children’s Miracle Network during this scary time in their lives.

Heidelberger said they were grateful for these people who helped with some of the little details so that they could focus on helping their child.