Aberdeen physician is Brown County COVID-19 patient

ABERDEEN, S.D. (aberdeennews.com) – Aberdeen physician David Wachs is recovering after being diagnosed as Brown County’s first, and so far only, COVID-19 patient.

Wachs worked at Avera Medical Group Aberdeen Family Physicians for three days between the day to which officials tracked his exposure to the virus and his first day experiencing symptoms. But neither he nor Avera officials believe other medical staff or patients were exposed because Wachs stayed home as soon as the symptoms set in.

A combination of chills and a shortness of breath sparked his concern, with the symptoms starting with chills up and down his back on March 13, Wachs said during a phone interview today with the American News during which he confirmed he has COVID-19. He did not go to work that day, he said.

A patient’s test results are private, and health care providers do not release health care information, according to a statement from Avera St. Luke’s Hospital. The policy applies even in situations when there’a a pandemic. But Wachs said he wanted to share his story and put to rest rumors that were already circulating locally.

“The most important reason to be transparent for me was to alleviate some of the anxiety that’s out there and remind people the importance of social distancing and washing our hands,” he said.

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