Aberdeen Police warns business owners of suspicious activity

ABERDEEN, S.D. (APD Facebook Post) – Attention Aberdeen Business Owners:

In the last couple days, two area business have reported suspicious activity. This activity involved a person identifying themselves as “Sgt. Steve Smith” of the Aberdeen Police Department. The caller inquired as to whether or not their business had video surveillance. In one case the caller went on to inquire how much cash was on-premises and asked employees to count the cash.

While it is certainly possible that an actual officer may call to inquire about surveillance, we’re asking that you not comment (we are directing our officers to not inquire over the phone…if they have questions they should stop by the physical business). Also do not comment about cash on site.

Detectives are investigating these reports, but in the meantime please follow the above recommendations to keep your employees and businesses safe.

If you or your employees experience suspicious activity, please do not hesitate to call 626-7911 to report it.