Aberdeen Public Schools awarded grant to upgrade ATEC welding equipment

ABERDEEN, S.D.(Press Release) – The Aberdeen Public School District has been awarded a South Dakota Department of Education grant to purchase state-of-the-art welding equipment for Aberdeen Central High School’s ATEC Academy.
The school district will receive a $240,000 SDDOE Innovative Equipment Grant to replace outdated equipment with new welders capable of wire feed, stick and aluminum welding. It will also introduce an augmented reality welder and a robotic welder, empowering students to gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge automation technology.
The welding upgrades are part of the school district’s Igniting Excellence project, which aims to:
  • Introduce modern welding equipment to enrich student learning experiences and align skillsets with industry standards.
  • Broaden the scope of its Career and Technical Education curriculum by offering specialized welding courses and certifications made possible by advanced equipment.
  • Ensure equitable access to state-of-the-art resources for all students, regardless of background or socioeconomic status.
  • Implement safety measures through upgraded equipment to create a secure learning environment for students and faculty.

“The inclusion of this program aligns perfectly with our district’s goals by providing authentic opportunities for student success, thus enhancing student achievement,” said Aberdeen Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Becky Guffin. “We look forward to the positive impact it will have on our students’ futures.”

The new equipment will be installed prior to the start of the school year on Aug. 20.