Ag Land Task Force looks at land values

PIERRE, S.D. (WNAX) – The Ag Land Assessment Advisory Task Force of the South Dakota Legislature held their first meeting of the year Thursday in Pierre. The group has oversight of the changes in property tax assessments since the law was changed about 10 years ago.

During the meeting, former legislator James Peterson of Milbank says the shift is well underway.

Wendy Semmler from the Department of Revenue told the group that changing land valuations could hit capital outlay funds that schools depend on.

Task Force Chairman, Senator Gary Cammack (ka-MACK) of Union Center, says they may have some suggested legislation later on.

As the meeting wrapped up, Representative Steven McCleerey of Sisseton made a plea to the group.

The law changed ag land valuations from sales to a productivity model. A major study of soil types and production has been underway over the past couple of years.