All Aboard Northwest encouraging Fort Pierre City Council to add Amtrak

FORT PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR)- Could Amtrak serve South Dakota in the future?  That idea is a passion for Dan Bilka, the Madison man behind All Aboard Northwest, an advocacy group encouraging the expansion of passenger rail service in South Dakota.

Bilka has been working with subgroups of the Amtrak/Federal Railroad Administration’s Long Distance Service study and through his groups work, has informed federal officials of South Dakota’s existing rail infrastructure.

Another proposed route would take passenger rail from Minneapolis to Sioux Falls, Kansas City and on  to Phoenix.  Bilka says research indicates South Dakota could support an Amtrak route.

Bilka encouraged the Fort Pierre City Council to write a letter of support to the F-R-A in support of expanding Amtrak to South Dakota.  It’s estimated to establish an Amtrak route through South Dakota , it would cost over a billion of dollars and take years to complete.