April 17th-21st is Severe Weather Preparedness Week

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- April 17-21 is Severe Weather Preparedness Week.  National Weather Service Meterologist Kelly Serr offer tips in case of severe weather.

Serr explains the difference between a watch and a warning.

Serr talks about what to do in case of tornado if you are in a building.

Serr next talks about those who are in a mobile home or vehicle.

Brown County will be running the sirens at 10:30am on Wednesday.

Serr address what to do on those hot summer days.

Serr encourage people in case of flooding to not to drive on the roads.

Serr talks about how dangerous lightning can be,

Serr encourage everyone to use the week to prepare for the different kinds of weather that can be seen during the spring & summer months.