Are we On? (Dave Vilhauer blog)

There are times when circumstances have a way of slowing you down.

In a world where we often demand more, better, faster, it’s sometimes refreshing to be able to take a step back and exhale. Unless of course, those times are forced upon you like this past week’s blizzard which brought nearly everything to a grinding halt.

I will be the first to admit, I do not handle down time well. While I may not be the most productive human being on the planet, I am one of those individuals that has to be doing something. Now, that something can be as insignificant as watching TV or even taking a nap (if sleeping even qualifies as doing something), but I have a difficult time just blocking out the world and just enjoying my surroundings.

As I was out shoveling last night, I wondered how difficult it would be to be trapped indoors for long periods on end. It made me feel sorry for shut-ins who can’t escape their surroundings no matter how beautiful the weather. I also thought about those poor farmers and ranchers who are not only confined to their locations, but many who are struggling with the current elements during calving season. I cannot imagine how difficult that has to be.

I also thought about those individuals who lost power in the southern part of the state. No TV, no internet service, and the main thing, no heat.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I didn’t have things bad at all. I found plenty of things to keep me occupied and I knew that if I really thought hard enough, there were numerous other chores I could have done that would have kept me busy for days, not just hours, like cleaning out the basement or reorganizing the garage.

Without a doubt, Thursday’s unseasonal blizzard was not a welcomed site by anybody around here, but it definitely did give me pause for reflection. While this weather event was nothing but a nuisance for me, I know it caused major hardship for many others. Say a prayer for those impacted by all this moisture, especially those who make their living off the land and those who are dealing with the consequences of flooding.

I don’t know about you, but as for me, I could probably use a little more down time once in a while to stop and think about how truly blessed I am. It never hurts to slow down and hit the pause button once in a while, unless of course it involves a shovel and a lot of heavy, wet snow.