Are we On? (Dave Vilhauer blog)

I love being able to share stories.

It really doesn’t matter if the subject is male or female, old or young, a coach or a player, everybody has a story to tell and I enjoy being able to help them do that.

I definitely wouldn’t call myself a story teller, because of course that would imply that I am making stuff up and the information would likely be false. I guess you could refer to me as a story sharer (if there is such a term). Whether writing an article or recording an interview, I try to disseminate those stories so the rest of the world can appreciate them.

We all have stories to share. I spent the better part of the past year putting a few of mine together in a book that I recently published called, “The Parent Trapped Within (A Guide to Sports Parenting).” I also attempt to record and preserve stories throughout the course of a year with three weekly shows entitled, Inside the LRC, Inside the NEC and The Legends Sports Show.

The LRC and NEC shows include guest interviews with one athlete and one coach per week (during the school year, of course). While I naturally enjoy my conversations with coaches, I am intrigued each week by the teenage athletes, some of whom I am convinced have never been interviewed before. Some handle it better than others, but each is deserving and it’s interesting to hear what sorts of challenges and journeys that they have had to endure in their young lives.

Then there are the Legends, which really move my needle. Regardless of the era or sport, every person on this show has a wealth of knowledge that comes pouring out during the interviews. And no matter how much I have prepared for those interviews, I always find out something that I did not know before.

This past year, between the three shows, I conducted 187 interviews. They ranged from an eighth-grade girl just getting started in competition to a man who played basketball in the early 1950s.

What I find pretty cool, is that every one of those people I talked to was kind, considerate and willing to share their stories. And thanks to modern technology, now those stories will be preserved for years and years to come. And for me, that in itself is a story worth sharing.