Area Senators react to the Impeachment Trial held Tuesday in Pierre

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio & DRGNews)- South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg was removed from office by members of the South Dakota Senate.  Here’s are comments from Senators from District 1, 3, & 23.

District 3 Senator Al Novstrup voted to acquit on both articles of impeachment submitted by the S.D. House.

Novstrup was impressed by the presentation done by the prosecutors.

Novstrup talks about the defense wanting more time for them.

Novstrup discuss the defense catching the prosecution on an opinion that wasn’t practical.

Novstrup raised the issue of how the S.D. Constitution applied in this case.

Novstrup explained what his definition of misdemeanor as applied back in the 1880s.

Another reason he voted for acquittal was because Ravnsborg was not on duty as Attorney General at the time of the accident.

Novstrup also voted against the second article dealing with malfeasance because of the Constitution.

District 1 Senator Michael Rohl voted to convict on both articles of impeachment submitted by the S.D. House.

Rohl was impressed by the prosecution’s case.

Rohl questioned the defense’s approach to the impeachment trial.

Rohl talked about a conversation that Ravnsborg had with a candidate for S.D. Attorney General.

Rohl explains why he voted for conviction of Ravnsborg.

Rohl discuss the meaning of misdemeanors today in relationship to impeachment.

District 23 Senator Bryan Breitling of Miller voted to sustain both articles.

Breitling described the mood on the Senate floor during the impeachment proceedings as “solemn.”

Breitling says there are some who think the results will reach beyond this proceeding.

The Senate also approved motions barring Ravnsborg from holding any state office in the future. He did not address the session.

Ravnsborg is the first person in the state’s history to be impeached. He’s been on suspension since April (April 12, 2022) when the South Dakota House of Representatives voted 36-31 in favor of impeachment. Chief Deputy Attorney General Charlie McGuigan has been leading the office in Ranvsborg’s absence.