Army Corps of Engineering predicting lower levels on the Missouri River for rest of the year

OMAHA, N.E.(WNAX)- The Corps of Engineers is warning users along the Missouri River to be prepared for low water levels into next spring.

Projected runoff into the Missouri River system continues to shrink month to month.

Kevin Grode with the Corps of Engineers in Omaha says they have updated that forecast again. 

Grode says the projection is among the lowest in history of the system. 

Grode says the system saw both wet and dry conditions. 

The Corps has moved the reservoir system into water conservation mode and advised river users to be prepared for low water problems.

John Remus, Chief of the Missouri River Basin Water Management Division in Omaha, says they are moving to water conservation mode.

Remus says reservoir levels will continue to fall.

Remus says there will be enough water available, but getting to it may be a problem.

The Corps is predicting river runoff this year at about sixty percent of normal.