Avera offering Virtual Visits

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Press Release) – Patients can now use Virtual Visits to connect with Avera providers from the comfort of their home.

While virtual visits are not yet available for every Avera provider, new sites and providers are being added to the service each day.

Patients can use two platforms and a variety of communication devices to meet with providers via video chat. Both the AveraNow and AveraChart systems will allow telehealth appointments to take place.

“Using our available technology will allow more patients to stay connected with their providers in a method that poses no risk of spreading the virus,” said Jason Knutson, DO, Avera Medical Group family medicine physician. “The system is easy to use for anyone with a laptop, desktop or mobile device that is equipped with a camera.”

Patients with video-capable mobile devices can go the app store on either Apple or Google Play platforms and download the AveraNow app, which is free. Once installed on a device, users would create an account. Once that is done, they can use the app to take part in a Virtual Visit appointment with their provider.

People also can use the service via AveraChart on mobile devices or on desktop or laptop computers. They first visit AveraChart.org and create an account. They then would download and install the Meditech MHealth app from the appropriate app store. Once those steps are included, mobile users would return to AveraChart and pick the “Virtual Visit Check-in” choice on the app. Computer users would just choose the “Check-in” option on the AveraChart website and follow the directions.

“Using telemedicine will help patients because preventive measures can take place and help their overall health,” said Mark List, MD, Avera Medical Group family medicine physician. “Providers can use the video for exams and also prescribe medication via the Virtual Visit. Patients can remain safely socially distant while maintaining their health.”

You can learn more at Avera.org/virtual-visits. Go to AveraChart.org to enroll in that service today.