BASEC expands service area

DOLAND, S.D.(Press Release) – BASEC (Beadle and Spink Enterprise Community) recently announced they have expanded their service area, effective immediately.

The new areas being serviced include 3 new communities: Northville, Mellette, and Ashton, and 9 townships: Northville, Mellette, Athol, Jefferson, Groveland, Three Rivers, Exline, Redfield, and Lodi.

“We have had a lot of phone calls over the years asking for our services in areas we don’t currently serve, so we wanted to expand the people we could help,” BASEC Executive Director Amy Hofer said.

Currently, BASEC will be offering loan products only to the new areas, but they hope to be able to add community development options in the future.

This expansion is part 2 of a 3-phase plan. In September 2021, phase 1 added the communities of Brentford, Conde, and Turton, and townships La Priaire, Beotia, Conde, Tetonka, Benton, Olean, Clifton, Sumner, and Turton.

“I’ve been involved with BASEC for years and was elated to learn BASEC was expanding to Turton,” Jim Becker, Turton resident said. “Turton is a progressive community and we want to continue partnerships like these to continue to grow our community.”

The third and final phase will grow the BASEC service area to include all of Beadle County. The projected date for this expansion is August 2022.

For more information on BASEC and the services they provide, please stop by their office at 219 Humphrey Drive North in Doland, SD, call the BASEC office at 605-635-6165, or visit