Big Stone Power Plant has no interruption of service following train derailment

MILBANK, S.D. (KXLG) – Otter Tail Power Public Relations Director Stephanie Hoff says the Big Stone Power Plant has seen some delay in delivery of coal, but no interruption of service following a train derailment Monday at Milbank.

Hoff says the plant has a large coal reserve that’s accessible in situations like this.

She says their emergency coal stockpile ensures the plant can stay operational.

Burlington Northern Sante Fe spokesperson Amy McBeth says that, in addition to the car derailment, snow has also been a big problem for the trains. She says a snow plow locomotive was brought to a halt about two miles from the Big Stone Power plant and that additional equipment was en route this morning to clear a snow drift in an effort to free that locomotive. That engine will then be used to help move a coal train to its destination at the Big Stone Power Plant.

Work today will include the clearing of derailed cars at Milbank followed by repairs to the track. And, although the weather has made it a little more challenging, McBeth says they anticipate the tracks will be reopened early Wednesday.