Bingo Tax bill heading to the house floor

PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR)- The “Bingo Tax” bill just about got blacked out by the House Taxation Committee of the South Dakota Legislature Tuesday.  Jason Evens with the Department of Revenue was the only proponent of the measure.

The bingo tax and licensing fees netted the state approximately three-times what it does now back in the mid-90’s.  The state looks to lose around 33-thousand dollars a year if the measure gains approval.  Representative Jess Olsen of Rapid City says that money is still important.

The bill was brought up in Governor Kristi Noem’s State of the State address.  Olsen brought a substitute motion to send Senate Bill 37 to the 41st legislative day.  That motion was killed two to nine with two excused.  Representative Greg Jamison of Sioux Falls moved to send the bill to the House floor.

The do-pass motion was approved to the inverse of the 41st day motion nine to two with two excused.  Olsen and Representative Peri Pourier of Pine Ridge were the only dissenting votes on the bill.