Bingo Tax Bill passes the House

PIERRE, S.D.(KCCR)- The so called “Bingo Tax” bill has cleared the South Dakota legislature but not before a series of questionable questions about the bill and a number of puns.

Representative Greg Jamison of Sioux Falls presented the bill to the House Chamber and fielded a half dozen semi serious question about Senate Bill 37, each one collecting more and more chuckles from the 70 member chamber.

Jamison managed a return zinger on a question from Representative Steve Haugaard, who is challenging Governor Kristi Noem for the Republican nomination for governor.  Noem introduced the bingo tax during her State of the State speech.

House Speaker Spencer Gosch just couldn’t resist one more prior to the vote on the bill.

The final vote on S-B 37 was 63 to five with two excused, sending the bill to Governor Kristi Noem.