Bird Flu confirmed in 7 counties in South Dakota

WASHINGTON, D.C.(KBRK)- According to the USDA, avian influenza has now been confirmed in 12 locations in seven South Dakota counties, including Kingsbury. In has impacted more than 600,000 birds in commercial flocks of chickens and turkeys in the state.

In Kingsbury County, that included a commercial flock of 124,000 layers and a turkey flock of 39,000 birds.

It has also been detected in Beadle, Charles Mix, Edmunds, Jerauld, Hanson and Hutchinson Counties. A number were confirmed just last week.  Flocks where the bird flu has been confirmed are destroyed and the property is quarantined.

Dr. Mendel Miller is Assistant State Veterinarian for South Dakota.

In the last serious outbreak in 2015, the South Dakota Animal Industry Board banned poultry shows. That step has not yet been taken this year.

Adding to the problem — they’re not really sure how this disease is spreading to protected and secured commercial flocks.

As Dr. Miller mentioned, the bird flu was just confirmed in two poultry flocks in Minnesota, in Meeker and Mower counties.