Board of Regents comments how tuition freezes impact the universities

MADISON, S.D.(KJJQ)- South Dakota legislative leaders talk priorities with the South Dakota Board of Regents.

The majority leaders and other lawmakers met with the Regents at their recent meeting at Dakota State University in Madison.

Regents are hoping for another year of no increase in tuition.

Board of Regents President Tim Rave says the two-year tuition freeze has been huge.

Regent Jeff Partridge says the tuition freeze is a game-changer.  Partridge says there is a demographic cliff ahead as the number of college-age students will fall drastically.

Partridge says they’re working to continue to find efficiencies and cost-savings as mandated by Senate Bill 55 – passed by the legislature in 2021 — included about 35 suggestions.

The regents are just beginning to work on their next budget.