Brown County burn ban now in effect

ABERDEEN, S.D. (Press Release) – Brown County Commission has enacted a resolution on an emergency basis and imposed a ban to prohibit or restrict open burning with the exception of campfires in campfire rings or pits, burning barrels 55 gallon or less that are equipped with a screen, or barbeque grills in order to protect the public health and safety.

This is in effect immediately.

This Resolution was enacted in order to protect the public health and safety, as per county
ordnance 18.02.

The ban will be in place starting immediately Nov. 12 thru Midnight on Nov. 26. It will be reevaluated at the Nov. 26 Commission meeting.

This ban was put in place due to the current roadway infrastructure.

Criminal and civil penalties per County Ordinance 18.0703 will be imposed if found in violation of this Resolution.