Brown County Commission address resolution dealing with TIFs

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- At Tuesday’s Brown County Commission meeting, the commissioners introduced a resolution addressing fees for upcoming TIFs.

Commissioner Duane Sutton announced what the resolution is.

Director of Equalization, Gene Loeschke(Les-key) clarifies this deals with county Tifs and not city Tifs.

Aberdeen City Attorney Ron Wager(Wag-er) confirmed what Loeschke said.

Wager said that the city would be willing to work with the county going forward.

Commissioner Sutton was asked why the fees are set at $27,500 for Tifs.

Lawyer Jay Gelhaus offers a suggestion of using a sliding scale instead of using a set figure.

Commissioner Mike Wiese appreciates getting input from everyone involved in the process.

Lawyer Rod Tobin believe this is a critical time for Aberdeen and Brown County in terms of economic development.

The Brown County Commission voted to defer this resolution to another date to allow more time to examine it.