Brown County Commission allow moratorium on pipeline to sunset on Wednesday

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- Wednesday, July 19th marks the one year anniversary of the moratorium in place by the Brown County Commission dealing with pipelines.  On Tuesday, the commission discussed what to do with that moratorium.

Prior to debating that, former Brown County Commissioner Dennis Feickert question how Summit Carbon Solutions are allowed to be a sponsor at the upcoming Brown County Fair.

Commissioner Duane Sutton opened the discussion on the moratorium & remind everyone what it was about.

Landowner Jared Bossly believed the commission should extend the moratorium.

Feickert concurred and suggest it should be extended through the Public Utilities Commission decided on Summit’s permit.

Commissioner Drew Dennert brings up the idea of extending the moratorium.

Dennert motioned to extend the moratorium for thirty days but was defeated on a 4-1 vote.

Commissioner Mike Wiese comments on the ordinance in place that put setbacks at 1500 feet.

Commissioner Duane Sutton reiterated that the moratorium was used to delay rather than stop the process.

The Brown County Commission decided to allow the moratorium to expire Wednesday with the possibility of working on a new one.

Deputy State Attorney Ross Aldentaler said they have to double check to make sure that will be legal.

Summit’s hearing with the PUC is scheduled for September 11th.