Brown County Commission heard Jared Bossly’s take on what happened last week on his land

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- At Tuesday’s Brown County Commission meeting, the commission heard about what happened last week involving Summit Carbon Solutions doing surveys on Jared Bossly’s land.

Bossly questions the legality of what Summit did.

Landowner Ed Fischbach arrived at the scene and told the commission what he saw.

Bossly wants to know what the State’s Attorney’s Office can do about it.

Spokesman Dennis Feickert(Fy-Kert) express concerns what exactly the court order is in place involving Summit & the landowners.

Feickert admits to the commission that any special legislative session involving this will not happen.

Deputy States Attorney Ross Aldentaler told the commission the State’s Attorney Office will be looking into this.

South Dakota PUC will hear Summit’s petition involving the pipeline in September.