Brown County Commission receives update on CO2 Pipeline

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- During the open forum of Tuesday’s Brown County Commission meeting, commissioners received reactions following last week’s meeting when they were introduced to Gevo.

Spink County landowner Ed Fischbach responded to what Gevo say last week about if there is no pipeline, the industry would have to go.

Fischbach talks more about how financially secure Gevo is.

Fischbach reminds the commissioners that Gevo have not been supportive of landowners in the past.

Glacial Lake Energy’s Executive Director, Jim Seurer told the commission about a recommendation to use the plants near Aberdeen.

Seurer talks about what the airlines are looking for.

Seurer mention that this business is looking at the plants in Brown & Edmunds County instead of the plant in Watertown.

Summit Carbon Solutions’ Manager Kylie Lange discuss funding being used to help the first responders if this is approved.

Money will come directly from Summit and not from the taxpayers.