Brown County Emergency Operations Center activated

ABERDEEN, S.D. ( – As communities, schools and public service organizations try to make plans and preparations in respect to the spread of COVID-19, the Brown County Emergency Operations Center has been activated.

“That doesn’t mean panic, folks, this means we are being prepared. We aren’t in a panic or critical mode. We’re strictly opening for a focal point,” for communication, Brown County Emergency Manager Scott Meints said on Sunday. “The (center) becomes a focal point for resources to assist agencies with media information, public information and a gathering place to funnel issues.”

He went on to repeat that this is not a crisis, but it is a serious situation and communication is key.

This is a joint effort that will include communication with hospitals, school districts, universities, police, fire departments, etc., Justin Fraase said. Fraase is the communications director for Northern State University. Going forward, he, along with Chad Nilson with Aberdeen Fire & Rescue, have been tasked with communications for Brown County. Earlier this year the two attended a general public information training course so they were tapped for their expertise.

The plan, starting today, is to have twice daily briefings with the emergency center being the conduit to get information to entities in the county and to the public.

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