Brown County Fairboard members Randy & Stephanie Mages asked to resign

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- At Tuesday’s Brown County Commission meeting, Randy & Stephanie Mages(Ma-Ges) defended themselves following a letter sent to them asking both to resign from the Brown County Fairboard.

Randy Mages talks about the letter.

Mages made a request that the County Commission rescind the request for his wife, Stephanie to resign.

The issue is updating the bylaws used by the Brown County Fair.

Mages told the commission about conversations he had with fellow members of the board.

Mages questions why Rachel Kippley & Suzanne Moen weren’t offered resignation letters.

Brown County Commissioner Duane Sutton told the Mages that resignation letter goes beyond the bylaws.

Commissioner Sutton did agree to request to rescind the resignaton of Stephanie Mages.  This will still need to approved behind closed doors.